How To Clean Your Water Purifier All By Yourself

Water purifier forms an integral aspect of every household. Although the kind of purifier at your home may vary in technology, design and build the critical element of it is to supply pure and safe drinking water. Water is quintessential and irreplaceable, and your body needs water for survival. A study published in the late ’90s proved that a human body wouldn’t survive if not supplied water for four days at a stretch

So based on all the research and analysis of the kind of water supply at your home you must have purchased the most befitted water purification system. Happy, right! But how often do you spend the time to maintain it or clean it? None!


Aren’t the filter supposed to clean all the water from impurities and supply fresh water?

Well, yes for sure, but isn’t that fresh water stored in a small capacity tank attached to the purifier? And it remains stored in that tank for hours, stagnant, right! So should that tank be cleaned, regularly? See! Now you got me.

Clean Your Water Purifier

What Do You get By Cleaning Purifiers?

So mainly regular cleaning if purifiers and the water tank attached to it will ensure

  • A clean and safe supply of water every time
  • The expected life of purifier and its parts are improved
  • Less maintenance cost is incurred when cleaned at regular intervals.
  • You are best assured of the most excellent quality of safe drinking water.

But before I give you some tips on how to clean your filter, I will tell you how much average cost you can incur if you do not do it, probably that will help you understand the importance of cleaning purifiers regularly.

On an average, a simple carbon-filter cartridge replacement cost varied form ₹1000-₹1500 per quarter, and this cost can occur twice as more if you do not take care of the purifier by yourself. For an RO filter having a multi-stage filtering system, this annual cartridge change cost around ₹4000 -₹5000. This is a regular maintenance cost that I am talking about, but what about motor failures, motherboard or chip short-circuiting and any breakage or leakage apart leave machinery damages alone. So this cost of repairs can multiply manifold. Regular maintenance of water purifiers can help you save this extra expenditure.

How To Maintain Purifiers Regularly?

So let’s learn how to maintain our water purifiers at home:

1. Regular dusting of purifiers of the dirt and dust that gets accumulated on top of it. This dirt can seep inside and block the purifier motor, causing damages to it.
2. Cleaning of water purifiers from inside at regular intervals will ensure warding off any unwanted deposits on wiring or machinery parts etc., but do not disturb any wiring, be careful.
3. Regular cleaning of water tank attached to the purifier. Some filters come with the removable container. It’s easy to remove and clean it. Another came with a non-removable tank making it difficult to clean. Although there is a small opening at the bottom that you can check and pull out to flush the tank.

While there are purifiers with no other options but to get their water tanks replaced after some time to maintain the health of both, purifier and water you drink.

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