The 10 Best Window AC in India (2020)

Now that the summer months are here, you need to invest in the cooling options for both your personal and professional space. The selection should be such that the cooling is done in an eco-friendly manner and the appliance is available within budget. 

Air conditioners have become the most essential appliances for both home and working places to sustain the irritable summer days and excess humidity too. Most people feel congested buying an AC for their living place as they are expensive and will surely require a large part of the monthly savings for middle-class families.

Additionally, maintenance of the air conditioners is not cheap as well. Regular usage requires maintenance and replacement of essentials that are pretty expensive to afford once the warranty period is over.

However, there are ways to get the most beneficial features at the lowest price possible if you are familiar with the market offerings. Therefore, we provide you 9 best windows AC in India ranked based on some key factors such as price, features, specifications, and warranty periods, etc to simplify your efforts. A buying guide is also provided to help you further with the purchase. The article also answers some of the frequently asked questions regarding a window air conditioner.


1. Voltas 1.5 ton 5-star Window AC

Preferring a good and efficient window Air conditioner is probably the best choice if you are about to spend your savings to get some relief from irritable summer. Voltas is the most renowned brand which ensures quality ACs with all features as per requirement at a reasonable price.

The 1.5-ton window AC from Voltas has some impeccable features such as High Ambient cooling, Eco mode, and turbo cooling, etc which makes it enlisted in the rank of best window AC 2019.


  • The combination of multi-stage filtration and high ambient cooling features makes the Voltas Window AC perfectly suited for every lifestyle.
  • Active dehumidifier in the AC can sense the indoor humidity and controls it in monsoon.
  • Efficient cooling with incredible durability is improved by the Copper condenser coil which makes it more compelling than other competitors in the market.
  • Power consumption is optimized by the Eco mode which can lessen your electricity bills to a great extent.
  • Instant cooling with the turbo mode is also the most required features in high humidity which is placed in the Voltas 1.5 ton Window AC.

With all those incredible features of the air conditioner from Voltas, it also provides 1 year of warranty on the product and 5 years of warranty on compressor which makes it the smart pick from the options available in India.

2. Carrier 18k Estrella premium window AC

An energy efficient Air conditioner with incredible perform and feature is required by everyone but choosing the best one from the lots of options available in the market is quite tougher. Estrella premium window AC by the carrier is one of the best windows ACs in the market which can simplify your effort in selecting the most suited AC.

Moreover, the certification for high energy efficiency through 5-star rating makes it the most trusted ones too. Some advanced features like auto swing and auto restart function help in providing an uninterrupted sleep in case of power cuts and the sleep mode can adjust the room temperature automatically. 


  • The capacity of 1.5 ton with 5-star rating makes the carrier Estrella premium window AC most energy efficient and thus most preferable too.
  • Super turbo modes cool the room evenly with the Auto Swing.
  • Nexgen dehumidifier reduces the humidity levels and provides a fully controlled room temperature.
  • Any kind of errors in the AC can be traced by the I-detect technology which ensures long-lasting performance too.
  • There are 4 kinds of filters in the carrier window AC namely dust filter, electrostatic filter, zeolite, and carbon filter.

Carrier Estrella premium window AC also comes with the 1 year of product warranty and 5 years of compressor warranty which overall makes it the best deal in the market.

3. Godrej 1.5 ton 3-star window AC

Godrej is probably the most well-known brand in India and the 1.5-ton window AC having 3 stars of 2019 is surely made to maintain their reputation from all aspects. One of the most amazing features which are added to the 

Godrej ACs is the anti-dust technology which removes every kind of allergens and bacteria instantly from the inner atmosphere.

The use of R32 refrigerant, which is the latest and advances refrigerant in the market ECO-friendly conditioning is providing with low power consumption and high energy efficiency. 

Features: -

  • The 2019 model of Godrej Air conditioner is probably the most compelling model of the year due to the powerful cooling experience provided by the latest filtration technology used in it.
  • Anti-corrosive blue fi coating on the AC protects the body from getting corroded as which is also included in the evaporator and condenser as well thus providing the long-lasting performance.
  • Anti-dust filter included in the AC from Godrej can remove harmful particles from the air like pet dander, dust, pollen, and hair, etc.
  • Latest refrigerant and the powerful cooling features make it the best Window AC for a home in 2019.

Being the most renowned brand with an impeccable range of reputation, customer services is also equally great as the features provided in it which can be complemented with the 1 year of product and condenser warranty and 5 years of compressor warranty.

4. Carrier 1.5 ton 5-star Window AC

Incredible performance accompanied with the 5-star rating thus certifying low power consumption being high energy efficiency makes the Carrier Window AC the leading one in the market of India.

The classic design complemented with the powerful and long-lasting performance with some advanced features such as sleep mode, auto fan speed, electrostatic filter, etc reflects the top class quality of this window AC which is perfectly suited for every household.

Moreover, active carbon filter, Dust filter, and zeolite filter enhance the filtration process by preventing every kind of allergens and pollen from the atmosphere.


  • The 1.5 ton capacity with the compatible sized makes the carrier window AC perfect for the medium-sized rooms with the incredible performance.
  • Copper condenser coil provides better cooling performance as well as requires low maintenance with the self-diagnosis features in it.
  • The dust filter is effective in preventing all kinds of bacteria and allergens that are harmful to health.
  • R32 refrigerant is the most powerful refrigerant involving the most advanced technology.
  • Windows AC from Carrier is eco-friendly and can provide long-lasting performance with top class performance.

All those features from Carrier accompanied with the 1 year of product and condenser warranty as well as 5 years of compressor warranty makes the most preferable choice with good customer service throughout.

5. Blue Star 1.5 ton 3-star Window AC

Maximum energy savings with an incredible performance from a Window AC is preferred by everyone and thus Blue Star brings in the most energy efficient AC with exceptional performance.

The 1.5 ton 3-star window AC by Blue Star is the best go through if you are looking for the long lasting performance for medium-sized rooms. Some exceptional features such as Dust filters and Anti-corrosive Bluefin Copper Condenser makes it most compelling from the price point of view.

The blue star is also known for a good customer service which means that the warranty period will be quite beneficial.


  • The R22 refrigerant accompanied with the copper condenser coil provides better cooling performance and also requires low maintenance in the Blue Star 1.5 ton 3-star window AC.
  • The dust filter is of advanced design and uses efficient technology which can remove dust particles and allergens from the air to provide healthy air to breathe.
  • The Bluefin copper condenser works incredibly well from all other types with the anti-corrosive cover.
  • Special anti-corrosive Blue fins resist corrosion and provide maximum heat transfer.

Blue Star 1.5 ton 3-star window AC comes with 1 year of product warranty including 1 year of condenser warranty and 4 years of warranty on the compressor besides those impeccable features in it. All those packed features in an affordable AC makes it a perfect choice for medium-sized rooms.

6. Whirlpool 1.5 ton 3 Star window AC

Whirlpool is quite a familiar company in the market which is known for providing advanced technology with impeccable performance. Some incredible features such as Turbo cooling, rapid heat exchange, Sleep function, 6th sense Energy saver and efficient compressor makes the 1.5 ton 3-star window AC from Whirlpool the most advanced and performance packed AC in the market in 2019.


  • The 6th sense energy saver which is the intuitive technology of Whirlpool can sense the requirements and adjusts the cooling based on the temperature inside the room. Thus saves a lot of energy and provides the best comfort too.
  • Turbo cooling feature provides instant comfort with the super fast cooling by optimizing the software and hardware to their best performance.
  • MPFI (Multi-Port Fluid Injection) technology can provide rapid heat exchange with its unique evaporator circuit and enhances cooling capacity as well as energy savings too.
  • In case of power cuts, the AC can start from the same temperature set as well as from the same mode with the Auto restart function.
  • The most efficient EER rotary compressor built with the Japanese technology consumes less electricity and provides better cooling experience.

The 3-star window AC by Whirlpool is an incredible performer with the most advanced features collectively chosen and packed in a single unit to provide the best experience to the users. If you want to buy a powerful AC or want to upgrade your conventional AC then this would be the best choice with long term warranty and good after-sales services provided.

7. Hitachi 1.5 ton 5 Star Window AC

Buying an all in one AC is probably the best choice from the available tons of options in the market and Hitachi does this best with its all packed Window AC. With all the advanced and exceptional features that are possessed by expensive Window ACs, it also provides the best performance being a reputed company in the Indian market.

Moreover, some compelling features like Kaimin function, Koukin filter, Auto climate technology, and certification after a series of 43 quality test undoubtedly makes it the best 1.5-ton Window AC of 2019. The compatible size and powerful mode altogether make it an incredible performer in any adverse conditions too.


  • Advanced startup the function of the Hitachi 1.5 tons 5-star window AC can sense the room temperature and automatically sets the temperature at any specific point of time. 
  • Latest Auto restart function with smart technology is the best in the field which can start the AC from the same temperature and same mode in case of power cuts.
  • Auto filter clean indicator reminds the users to clean the filter whenever needed so that a better cooling experience and healthy air is always provided.
  • Some advanced features like Auto fan speed and powerful cooling enhance the cooling instantly.
  • Auto climate technology recognizes the humidity and temperature of the city and accordingly adjusts the fan speed as well as the temperature at one click.

All those exceptional features in Hitachi 1.5 ton 5-star window AC complimented with the 1 year of product warranty and 5 years of compressor warranty makes it the most wanted one in India.

8. Lloyd 1.5 ton 3-star window AC

Lloyd is the well-known brand in India due to its reputation in providing the best appliances that not only suits the users but also enhances the experience to further levels too.

The 1.5 ton 3-star window AC is probably the most classy AC in the market which suits to the interiors of every house perfectly with its intriguing design. 

Smart features in the AC of Lloyd such as intelligent central dynamic LED display and the two swing feature makes it the best choice for the medium-sized rooms.

The 3-star rating also signifies the energy efficiency as well as less power consumption too with the incredible cooling experience. 


  • The two-way swing feature accompanied by a powerful refrigerant and compressor in the LLOYD window AC is surely the most beneficial feature.
  • Compressor and condenser which works on the latest technology enhance the cooling experience to a whole new level.
  • Intelligent central LED dynamic display shows the operational status clearly even from a distance which helps in regulating the temperature with reliable control.

Window AC from Lloyd is a perfect model for the medium-sized rooms and the warranty of 1 year on product and 5 years of compressor warranty makes it trustworthy from all aspects thus providing value for your money spent on it.

9. Hitachi 1.5 ton 5-star window AC

Hitachi brings in the most energy efficient Window AC which consumes less power as certified by the 5-star rating. Besides many smart and advanced features infused in the 1.5-ton 5-star window, AC is surely an upgrade in the capacity as well as the performance in the real-time application. Moreover, for a middle-class family, the price and the features offered is quite an appealing option among several other brands with similar features. Moreover, the long-lasting performance is also assured with the 43 quality tests done by the manufacturer.


  • Highly reliable copper tube condenser is probably the best in the market which matches the international quality of ACs.
  • The advanced on-off timer setup is a brilliant addition in the Hitachi 5 star window AC with the 1.5-ton capacity perfectly suited for the medium-sized rooms.
  • Auto restart function saves the temperature and mode set before the power cuts and restarts from the same mode.
  • Auto filter clean indicator reminds the time to clean the filter thus providing healthy air and thus saving power.
  • Auto fan speed to regulate the temperature based on the surroundings reduces the efforts while sleeping.

The product warranty of one year and 5 years of compressor warranty besides those intriguing and significant features makes it the most preferred window AC till date.

Buying Guide : Best Window AC

Buying an air conditioner for households is certainly a tough task due to the availability of a number of options in the market.

Moreover, most of them have similar specifications varying in price, features as well as design. However, there are some tips and key features that can decide the quality of the Window AC from all aspects.

Comparing all features with respect to the price and specifications can help you to get the best deals from all available options in the retail store as well as online stores.

Cooling Capacity

The first and foremost features that should be taken into consideration while buying a Window AC are the cooling capacity. BTU level of the preferred model should be considered to fit the space as well as requirements. Less BTU power will increase power consumption and reduces energy efficiency as it tries to cool the whole space until it gets evenly distributed. Moreover, humidity levels can also be controlled faster through a better BTU level of cooling capacity.


Window AC models are designed to fix in the double hung windows of the standard type. The installation model should be varied according to the model and interior of the house and buying an alternative model can increase the efforts to install as per the model. Placement of the warm air exhaust system facing inside or outside the windows can also make a better preference as per the required comfort of a house.

Electrical Requirements

Window AC is considered as the most powerful appliances than others in the kitchen or living rooms. One should make sure that the electrical requirements for the AC are already available in the house or whether there is a scope of enhancing the system as required by the Window ACs.

Energy Efficiency

‚ÄčBesides incredible performance and all in one feature, power consumption, optimization, and energy efficiency also plays a major role in real-time applications. If you are buying a Window AC without taking the star ratings into consideration then you will have to pay more electricity bills compared to the normal usage criteria. Preferring more number of ratings on the appliance is the best way to buy a favorable model to your house as well as the electrical requirements. One should also make sure to calculate the BTU level as per the requirements to get more benefits from the features provided.


Periodic maintenance is equally essential besides preferring a top model window AC as the filters and compressors get worn up without proper care taken. Moreover, the effectiveness of the AC can also be reduced without proper cleaning of filters. Advanced ACs comes with the reminder for filter cleaning and a long term warranty for compressors which is quite beneficial in maintenance with self-diagnosis features available. Cleaning all parts once a year or getting it serviced can also be beneficial in reducing the efforts of repairs and provides value for money too with long-lasting performance.

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Final Words

Being the most essential home appliance in summers, ACs are worth some part of your savings but proper analysis about the features and specification is surely required in order to get better outcomes. Preferring the online stores can be even more beneficial as the comparison options and searching for the best options available in the market can be chosen easily. Moreover, rate cutters like coupon codes, seasonal instant discount offers can also count on the features and specifications provided by the manufacturers.

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