11 Best Water Purifier (2021) For Home In India – Reviews: Buying Guide

"Stop Risking Your Health at The Hands of Unclean, Non-Purified Water"

Water is said to be the elixir of life but with the increase of pollution and thus contaminants, it is turning poisonous which has created the need to choose best water purifier for your home.

Boiling is surely an effective method to reduce the contaminants and dissolved chemicals from tap water but it is quite time consuming too. Therefore filters and purifiers are preferred by most households these days to ensure safer and healthier forms of drinking water. Water purifiers are considered the must-have appliance these days for every home to provide a safe form of water to the family.

However, in order to choose a good water purifier and invest their savings on it, one would need to go through a lengthy comparison and detailed analysis of every model.

The reason for this is the availability of a large number of companies manufacturing similar models of purifiers and claiming almost the same thing as others thus increasing confusion in buyers. Therefore, we are providing a detailed review of the top 10 water purifiers for home in India ranked based on specifications, features, prices and highlighting tweaks of each of them to get the best deal from the market.

Top 3 Water Purifier Brands


HUL Pureit was launched back in 2008, and now they are ruling in millions of households as well as offices, as safe in-house water purifiers. .Pureit aims to fulfil their promise of purity in sensible ways. The water purifiers use an advanced purification technology which leaves behind a sweet taste to the water.

Why choose HUL?

  • The HUL Pureit water purifiers have strong storage capacity, and can purify 9-12 litres of water per hour.
  • They provide a year’s warranty on all products ensuring easy replacements and services.
  • They have been consistent in maintaining the quality of their product which earned them good customer reviews.

Aquatec Plus

Aquatec Plus water purifiers are tested on quality parameters and aim to meet the customers requirements and provide safe drinking water. The purifiers use filters to get rid of the microbes in various stages. They also use Japanese alkaline filter which helps in reducing acid toxic wastes in blood. Over the years, they have gained the trust of thousands of customers all over.

Why choose Aquatec Plus?

  • Aquatec provides free installation of their products and also a year’s warranty.
  • Their products are high in durability, super secure, and convenient to use.
  • They have developed multiple layer protection technology, to provide more effective protection.


Established in 1999 Kent is an Indian company which has diversified it’s products over the years. However, their most promised range of products include their water purifiers. They want to be established as a socially responsible brand, who will free people of all water related problems.

Why choose Kent?

  • Kent's purifiers are known for their compact designs.
  • They have a purification display for the customer to understand when they need to change a particular part.
  • They have special technology in their water purifiers which can remove dead bacteria from purified water and can also add essential minerals in it.

Top 3 Water Purifier Recommendations

Best Choice
Blue Star Majesto MA4BSAM02 8-Litre RO + UV Water Purifier
HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 stage Table top / Wall Mountable Black & Copper 8 litres Water Purifier
Best Price
Kent - 11076 New Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO + UV+ UF + TDS (White) 20 litre/hr Water Purifier
Blue Star Majesto MA4BSAM02 8-Litre RO + UV Water Purifier
HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 stage Table top / Wall Mountable Black & Copper 8 litres Water Purifier
Kent - 11076 New Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO + UV+ UF + TDS (White) 20 litre/hr Water Purifier
8 Litres
8 Litres
8 Litres
RO + UV + UV
One Year
One Year
One Year
₹ 14,999
₹ 20,010
₹ 14,999
Best Choice
Blue Star Majesto MA4BSAM02 8-Litre RO + UV Water Purifier
Blue Star Majesto MA4BSAM02 8-Litre RO + UV Water Purifier
8 Litres
One Year
₹ 14,999
More information
HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 stage Table top / Wall Mountable Black & Copper 8 litres Water Purifier
HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 stage Table top / Wall Mountable Black & Copper 8 litres Water Purifier
8 Litres
One Year
₹ 20,010
More information
Best Price
Kent - 11076 New Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO + UV+ UF + TDS (White) 20 litre/hr Water Purifier
Kent - 11076 New Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO + UV+ UF + TDS (White) 20 litre/hr Water Purifier
8 Litres
RO + UV + UV
One Year
₹ 14,999
More information

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Top 10 Best Water Purifiers (Comparison Chart)




Where to Buy

BlueStar Aristo



HUL Pureit



Aquasure from Eureka Forbes



Aquatec Plus



Livepure Glu



Blue Star Majesto



Havells Max



Kent Ace



HUL Pureit



Ruby RO



11 Best Water Purifier For Home in India

1. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV Water Purifier (Editor's Choice) 


Although Blue Star is relatively new in the water purifier department in India, the brand has worldwide recognition. The Bluestar Aristo is a stylish looking six-liter capacity RO water purifier with a UV filtration system.

It works on 36 watts and operates effectively between 220-240 volts which is the standard residential current in every home. The filter also offers the ATB technology that is responsible for boosting the taste of the water. It’s multi-stage filtration efficiently cleans ground and municipal water of impurities like sediments and dissolved chemicals.

And the best part of this filter is that it gives you a good range of alert notifications. Blue star Aristo offers Purification-on indicator, an alert alarm to indicate low pressure, a UV fail alarm and a full tank indicator. With so many alter features you can never miss to drink healthy and clean water every time.

Let’s take a look at what’s the Blue Star Aristo has to offer:

The Good

  • Latest technology RO+UV filtration
  • 10-inch Large filter for effective cleaning
  • Child lock feature
  • Alerts and indicators
  • Free installation and one year warranty

But anyways for the price and features it offers, it’s an excellent filter to consider, especially if you have a small family with kids.

HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 stage Table top / Wall Mountable Black & Copper 8 litres Water Purifier
  • Color: Black and Copper, Capacity: 8 litres, Power: 60 watts, Input Water...
  • Installation: Free installation is provided by the brand. Please wait for...
  • Can be used for TDS upto 2000 ppm. Please use a TDS meter to find out the...
  • Product Dimensions: Length 36.1cm X Width 35cm X Height 44.70cm
  • Kindly note: For every litre of water purified, 650 ml of water is thrown...

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2. HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF Water Purifier 

HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 stage Table top / Wall Mountable Black & Copper 8 litres Water Purifier
  • Color: Black and Copper, Capacity: 8 litres, Power: 60 watts, Input Water...
  • Installation: Free installation is provided by the brand. Please wait for...
  • Can be used for TDS upto 2000 ppm. Please use a TDS meter to find out the...
  • Product Dimensions: Length 36.1cm X Width 35cm X Height 44.70cm
  • Kindly note: For every litre of water purified, 650 ml of water is thrown...

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With its advanced 7 stage RO+UV+MF purification, Pureit Copper⁺ RO is the only water purifier in India that not only gives 100% safe & sweet water but also enriches it with goodness of Copper through its unique Copper Charge TechnologyTM. 

In the current scenario where most of us are looking for natural ways to boost our immunity, drinking copper enriched water is a simple way of achieving that as per Ayurveda. Pureit Copper+ RO makes it even easy for you by infusing pure copper in the right amount in 100% safe water at the touch of a button.

Apart from boosting immunity, drinking copper enriched water is also recommended in Ayurveda for improving digestion, fighting obesity and improving overall well-being. 

The Good

  • Advanced 7 stage RO+UV+MF purification ensures - you always get 100% purified water without harmful viruses and bacteria
  • Instant infusion of 99.8% pure copper – With its unique Copper Charge Technology™, Pureit Copper⁺ RO instantly infuses 99.8% pure copper in RO water. This ensures fresh copper infusion in every glass 
  • Right amount of copper in every glass of water - With Precise Dosing feature, it ensures that every glass of water gets the right amount of copper each time, to consistently deliver the health benefits
  • Choice between normal RO and copper RO water - The Dual Dispensing feature allows you to choose between normal RO water and Copper RO water at just the touch of a button
  • Intelligent copper auto-cleaning – This feature automatically cleans copper. Hence, no more worrying about the daily cleaning of copper vessels

Other Features

  • USEPA Compliant – Gives 100% safe water without harmful bacteria and viruses
  • Double purity lock – Warns you 15 days before the filter expiry and auto-shut off feature cuts off the water supply if filter is not changed despite warning
  • Large storage capacity of 8 litres
  • Hands-free bottle fill zone 
  • Safe installation and service guaranteed by Pureit service team

We recommend using Pureit Copper⁺ RO owing to the multiple health benefits it brings to you and your family.

3. Kent Grand Plus RO+UF+UV with TDS Controller Water Purifier

Underground water or even municipal water supplied in your taps is not safe for drinking. An increasing number of people are now buying RO water purifiers for their homes. But you know what’s even better than an RO, A Mineral RO water purifier. Yes, it has everything a good RO water purifier has to offer plus the benefits of added minerals in your water to boost your health.

Kent - 11076 New Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO + UV+ UF + TDS (White) 20 litre/hr Water Purifier
  • Multiple purification by RO+UV+UF +TDS Control process which removes even...
  • TDS control system allows adjustment of tds level of purified water which...
  • Wall-mounted design to be suited for domestic purposes
  • Country of Origin- India
  • Water level indicator to keep a track of purified water in the storage tank

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With the new Kent Grand Plus, water is not only safe for drinking it adds to your health as well. This water purifier for your home will purify the water with its latest technology and add back to the water, essential minerals that are lost in the filtration process; giving you fresh, tasty and healthier water to drink every time.

The Kent grand plus has a capacity of  8 liters and is the most certified and awarded water filter for home use in India. Not only this, the double water purification and patent mineral RO technology offered by Kent, is unbeatable at the price they are offering.

I would say, Kent is universal as it can filter all types of water be it tap water,  salty and hard groundwater or the chemically treated municipal water. The Kent Grand Plus filter knows how to do the best job!

So let’s see what you will get when you buy this water purifier

The Good

  • Advanced mineral RO purifier technology with UV and UF
  • TDS controller to manage water hardness level
  • Water level indicator
  • Filter change alarm
  • One year warranted and three years of free servicing

Since I am using this product myself, well, I will give it a thumbs up based on personal experience.

4. Aquasure from Eureka Forbes RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

I suppose Eureka Forbes was among the first companies that launched water filters for home use in India. Yes, it’s one of the earliest and most reliable names of the industry not only in India but across the world.  Aquasure from Aquaguard smart plus is a six-liter capacity, nicely built RO water purifier with UV and MTDS.


The new MTDS technology is an added advantage, especially in India where we get water from different sources that vary hugely in taste. So using this technology the taste of water can be adjusted to your like anywhere in India.

But the best feature of this water purifier that others don’t have is its smart energy saving technology. Yes, unlike other filters that keep running even after the water tank is full, this filter cuts off power as soon as the water tank is full. It helps in saving a lot of energy and keeps your electricity bill within the limit.

Let’s take a look at what it offers us:

The Good

  • Smart, energy saving
  • Efficient 230 watts
  • 6 liters water capacity with water level indicator
  • MTDS technology that lets you control the taste of water
  • Free installation with one year warranty

So, with no filter change alarm, you have to do a manual calculation according to the number of liters of purified water you have used. That is a bit big deal if you are not keeping track of how much water you have been using. Rest, you can always stick to the brand name and quality.

5. Aquatec Plus Advance Plus RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier

Aquatec plus is relatively a new company, and probably that’s why it’s offering its new Advanced plus water filter with so many features at a meager price in the Indian market. But The best part is not the price but it’s the level of TDS that it can work. Given the fact that in India we receive mostly underground water that is too salty and hard, this purifier can handle a TDS level of 2000 which is excellent!

Aquatec Plus - Advance plus 12 ltr RO + UV + UF + TDS Water purifier for home (white black)
  • Inbuilt Tds Uv Controlling Technology Customer Can Adjust Tds As Required...
  • Premium Quality Ultrafiltration (Uf) Remove Dispersed Material ,suspended...
  • Premium Quality Sediment & Carbon Filter, Remove Dust, particles And Rust,...
  • Hight Rejection Ro Membrane, Remove Up to 99% Of Contaminants Including...

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The Aquatec plus offers perfect filtration and clean water up to 99% of germs, pesticide, chemicals and sediments removal using its powerful  RO technology. It has a great built with a stylish look to complement a modern kitchen and home.

But what it lacks is that there is no control over the taste of water which in India is a big deal. Taste of water is essential, and the filter lacks in ensuring the good taste of water.

With a good filtration rate of 15 liters per hour, this wall-mounted water filter is a pocket and space saver both unless you don’t care much about the taste of water. It’s pretty economical in maintenance with cartridge change required only ones a year even when using for very hard water as well. So that’s a big relief.

Well, all in all, a decent water filter with quality water filtration within a budget but I suppose if your pocket allows a higher variant or another seller that can manage the taste of water as well, it would be a better choice.

6. Livpure Glo RO+UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

livpure glo

A water purifier that enhances the purification level to the maximum extent and packed with advanced options is surely the best choice among the available options in the market. This RO+UV Mineral water purifier from Livpure is one such device that will surely meet your expectations in purifying the drinking water ensuring safe and healthy water all the time.

Besides, the 6 stages advanced purification technology infused in this purifier is quite powerful and has the potential to clean every kind of contaminants and even ultra fine particles clearly from the water.

With this technology and its sleek design not only best form of purified water but also a good complement to your kitchen or living room is also guaranteed.


  • The sleek design accompanied by the elegant look complements the interior designs of any room and is surely the most intriguing features of the Mineral water purifier from Livpure.
  • 7 liters of capacity is one of the most favorable features that will enhance the convenience of the household by reducing the need of refilling the tank again and again.
  • 6 stage advanced purification technology infused in this purifier equipped with the sediment filter, pre-activated carbon filter and absorber, RO membrane, UV disinfection column, mineraliser and RO membrane. 
  • The advanced purification system and filter eliminates bad taste, odor, hardness and salts including the ultra fine particles such as bacteria, viruses, and many other harmful substances.
  • Purification system works even without electricity due to its storage system.

With all these incredible features, the Livpure mineral water purifier can be the best choice in the market in this price range as all the incredible tweaks that are available with the purifier is quite compelling in all sense.

What’s Good

  • Six stage water purification system
  • Added mineralizer for healthy water
  • One year warranty on the product
  • Water storage tank made from food grade plastic

Well, this is undoubtedly within the budget water purifier that gives an excellent tasting and healthy water, but still, the customer service needs a lot of improvement especially in some areas. Hopefully, the company will look to improve their service. Given this; it's worth the money you spend.

7. Kent Ace Mineral RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

Looking for a perfect water purifier that fits in your kitchen and provides guaranteed safe drinking water with a trusted brand name? If yes, then Kent Ace Mineral water purifier should be your choice.

Kent Ace Mineral 7-Litre 60-Watt RO+UV+UF Water Purifier (White and Aquamarine)
  • KENT Ace 7-Litre Wall Mountable RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller (White and...
  • White and Aquamarine, 7-Litres tank, Power Consumption- 60W ; Input Water...
  • Installation: Free installation is provided on this product by the...
  • Can be used for TDS (500-2500). Please use a TDS meter to find out the...
  • Product Dimensions: 380 cms (Length) X 270 cms (Width) X 505 cms (Height)

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Kent is among the largest selling water purifier brand in India. Although it’s priced a bit on the higher side ones you know what it’s offering, the price will be all worthwhile. The Kent Ace Mineral water purifier has a storing capacity of seven liters with storage container made of food grade plastic. Filtration process consists of high-quality RO +UF+UV+TDS controller. The filtration system has the potential to remove harsh chemicals, dissolved impurities, microbes and sediments thus providing you safe and fresh drinking water every time.

Kent Ace is WQA and NSF certified and is tested rigorously to meet the highest levels of safety and quality standards. It has also received the Gold Seal certificate for providing excellent water quality. It's the largest and the best water purifier in India. This water purifier can filter water from any water source, i.e., municipal or groundwater or any other. So whatever be the water supply source at your home Kent Ace Mineral water purifier will deliver you pure and fresh tasting water. Supplied with an 11 watt UV lamp, it can quickly deactivate harmful microorganisms providing 100% pure drinking water. Comes with a filter change alarm that goes on when cartridges need replacement. There is UV fail alarm as well that notifies if UV has failed and it needs replacement.

The process of water purification in Kent Ace is fully automated. While the use of latest technology spin welded, RO gives the membrane greater life and quality performance. All the components are easy to fit and leak-proof, and the best part is that the installation is free and is provided by the manufacturer.

What’s Good

  • Perfect 60-watt wall mounted purifier
  • RO+UV+UF+TDS controller with the latest technology
  • Purifies 15 liters of water per hour with 7 liters of storage capacity
  • One year warranty on parts and six months warranty on cartridges

All in all, it a worthy buy with the warranty from the manufacturer. A little delay in customer service can happen sometimes, but the water quality is uncompromising.

8. HUL Pureit Classic RO+UV 6 Stage Water Purifier

The classic RO +UV water purifier is like a little wonder for every home. With extensive six-stage water purification system, it delivers safe and great tasting purified water.

HUL Pureit Classic RO + UV 6 stage Table Top/Wall Mountable White & Blue 5 litres Water Purifier
  • Color: White and Blue, Capacity: 5 litres, Power: 36 watts, Input Water...
  • Installation: Free installation is provided by the brand. Please wait for...
  • Can be used for TDS upto 2000 ppm. Please use a TDS meter to find out the...
  • Product Dimensions: Length 16.56 cm X Width 38 cm X Height 42.30cm
  • Kindly note: For every litre of water purified, 650 ml of water is thrown...

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The best part of this purifier is that it comes with an in-built voltage guard that keeps your purifier safe even at extremely high or low voltage fluctuations. With the HUL Pureit, you get an efficient and long-lasting purifier made from the engineering-grade plastic body and with a storage tank made of food grade plastic having a capacity of 5 liters. Extremely advanced six-stage filtration process reduces all impurities, contamination, dissolved solids and microbes to more than 90% accuracy.

It’s a six-stage purification that consists of pre-sediment filtration, pre-RO carbon filtration, post Carbon Sediment filtration, RO membrane, Microfiltration or the UV filtration and post RO Carbon filtration. The TDS controller can work on hard water with 1800 ppm and soften the hard water making it safe for drinking. Filtration system and blocks or cartridges are made from larger blocks that allow water to remain in contact with filtration blocks for a longer time thus helping in purifying water with increased efficiency. Larger filtration blocks are indicative of a better and higher life of the filter and the RO membrane.

One of the best parts of buying the HUL Pureit water filter is that you get a free installation that is easy and hassle-free. The product comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. HUL Pureit has Sleek and stylish design to compliment your kitchen and enhances its looks. It weighs around 7.87 kgs so you can easily mount it on the wall.

What’s Good 

  • Advanced technology water purification system with RO+UV+MF+TDS controller
  • Built-in voltage guard to save the appliance from extreme voltage fluctuations
  • Easy and free installation
  • One year warranty on the product

If you are searching for a trusted water purifier without a fancy name or looks or any additional systems, but only pure and safe drinking water then HUL Pureit should be your choice.

9. Blue Star Majesto RO+UV Water Purifier

Majestic by name, elegant by design, welcome to your home a water purifier that guarantees fresh and safe drinking water. Bring home the new BlueStar Majesto and replenish your thrust with healthy and tasty drinking water.

Now, the Blue Star Majesto is loaded with many features that you will inevitably make you love it. I won’t say it’s very budgeted yet it’s good for its price and gives a fierce competition to its competitors like Kent or Aquaguard.

Blue Star Majesto MA4BSAM02 8-Litre RO + UV Water Purifier
  • Color: Black and Silver
  • Type: Electric with storage ; Operating Voltage: 220V
  • Warranty details: 1 year on product
  • Technology: RO+UV water purification
  • Capacity:8 litres

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Coming to its features, the Blue Star Majesto will deliver you:

  • Highest quality safe drinking water with its advanced six-stage purification process.
  • Comes with double layered UV+RO protection for clean and contamination free water.
  • It offers A 8 liters storage capacity of fresh filtered water every time.
  • Unique ATB or Aqua Taste Booster technology to enhance and supply excellent tasting water.
  • Copper impregnated Carbon filter for safely removing all solid impurities and dissolved chemicals.
  • RO membrane can efficiently filter 285 liters of water per day
  • Comes with added security and alarm features, like child lock and tank full alarm
  • Sleek and stylish design to complement your kitchen looks.

The best part of this purifier is that it has a TDS controller as well. It can efficiently turn hard water up to 2000 ppm into safe sweet drinking water. Apart from this, the manufacturer offers one year guarantee on the product with free installation. The after sales services are excellent.

The six-stage advanced water purification system is summarized as:

  • Stage 1: Pre-filter
  • Stage 2: Pre Carbon filter
  • Stage 3: Sediments filter
  • Stage 4: Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • Stage 5: Ultra Violet Lamp
  • Stage 6: ARB enabled Post Carbon filter

So What’s Good

  • Advanced technology for water purification
  • 8 liters of storage capacity
  • Double layered UV and RO
  • One year warranty with free installation

An excellent product with a promise of safe drinking water. But the quality of the material used is low, Cannot say cheap as you are paying a good amount. Given its stylish black color and design, it can surely suit your elegant kitchen.

10. Ruby RO+Uv+TDS Controller Water Purifier

RO water purifiers are best if you have a hard water supply at home. The Ruby RO water purifier from AQUA PHOENIX is one of the best water purifiers for home use. This brand has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing RO based water purifiers with unique design and make.

Ruby RO+UV+UF+MAT+TDS Water Purifier - 12 Liters
  • Multi stage purification RO+UV+UF+MAT+TDS controller
  • Advanced LED UV Filtration more durable than regular UV.
  • 100 GPD Pump, 24 V 2A SMPS, Good quality RO Membrane works up to 1500 ppm...
  • TDS control valve to adjust the level of minerals in pure water. Crystal...
  • Please Call / WhatsApp on Customer Care No:. 8448143144. Mobile No:...

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The fact that most RO water purifiers come at a higher cost, you would love to invest in Ruby RO that guarantees quality at a very reasonable price. Ruby RO comes with six level water purification:

  • It’s micro sediment filter efficiently removes all the rust, dirt and suspended sand particles from the water
  • The activated carbon filter is efficient to remove up to 99% of all chlorine and other chemicals present in the water. It also reduces odor and color from the water.
  • RO membrane in the filter system can efficiently process 75 gallons of water per day. The composite RO membrane removes impurities like lead, chromium, mercury, copper, barium, Fluoride, calcium, sodium, pesticides, nitrates and selenium from the water.
  • UV light disinfects the water and destroys bacteria and viruses and other microorganisms in the water making drinking water pure and safe.
  • Mineral cartridge maintains and adds essential minerals in the water to make the water healthy for drinking.

After the water passes through each stage, it is then stored for you to drink. I suppose if you are bothered with which water purifiers to buy, and you have a limited budget, the Ruby RO water purifier can be your best choice.

Now to further help you with more informed choice, the filter is excellent as it has original parts manufactured in the USA using Japanese Technology.

So What’s Good

  • Six stage water purification
  • Filter change indicator
  • 12 litres storage capacity
  • One year warranty on electrical parts

Well, If you are looking for an answer to which water purifier is best, then I am sure you got your answer now. So what are you waiting for, get the Ruby RO+UV+ TDS controller water purifier and bring healthy and tasty drinking water for your family!

11. Havells Max RO+UV+Mineralizer, 8 Litres Water Purifier

Havells is not a new name, it’s been in the market for long enough and has achieved customers trust.  So, when a product comes from such a reputed brand name, it sure must have an extraordinary quality backing it. Well, yes, indeed it is, the all-new Havells Max water purifier is a complete package. It’s not only a water purifier but its a total family health benefits package.

Havells Max 7-litres RO UV Water Purifier (Sea Green)
  • Absolute safety through RO and UV purification, water passes through the RO...
  • Minerals cartridge it corrects the PH of purified water, adds back full...
  • Revitalizer it restructures the water molecules and makes it biologically...
  • Kindly note: For every litre of water purified, 650 ml of water is thrown...
  • Iprotect purification monitoring constantly monitors the purification...

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There is an added mineral cartridge that is responsible for correcting the pH of the purified water. The mineralizer combines and adds back natural minerals and other natural elements to the filtered water to make it healthier. So every time you drink the water, it not only tastes good it’s healthy for you and for your family.

Let’s take a close look at the highlighted features of this fantastic water purifier:

  • The makers of Max have taken into account the revitalizing effect of water that is lost due to water pollution and a lot of pollutants are added to it. Havells has added a revitalizer that restructures the molecules in the water, making it biologically more active. This would help improve its mineral absorption power and hydration, making it a lot more beneficial than having any other water purifier.
  • Havells Max comes with an inbuilt technology ‘I protect’ that continually monitors the quality of water purified thus ensuring you safe and clean drinking water every time.
  • The exceptionally advanced electrical design makes it, performance oriented with benchmarking power cut if the voltage exceeds or drops from a certain point. Thus safeguarding your appliance from electrical failures, imparting it a longer life.
  • Comes with an effective seven-stage water purification system that ensures the highest level of safety and quality drinking water.
  • Individual germicidal added to get rid of all the germs present in the water, providing 100% clean and germ-free drinking water.

No pre-filter is required with this multi-level water purification system. Customers can go blindly with this superior technology and design that can fit any home

Should You Buy RO, UV or UF Water Purifier?

For healthy living, it is essential to drink clean and pure water. In most Metropolitan areas the quality of water is depreciating. Selecting the right water filter is critical to get safe and purified water for drinking. Impure water contains pesticides and harmful bacteria's that can cause diseases, some of them being fatal, especially for young kids. If you have children at home then selecting the right water filter becomes even more critical.

Which One Is Better?

RO UV UF difference

Below, we have listed down the fundamental differences between the RO, UV and UF water filters that will help you to make the right choice-

RO (Reverse Osmosis)

UV (UltraViolet)

UF (Ultrafiltration)

Benefits of RO UV UF

Some Other Points To Consider

Why is Water Purifier Important For Indian Homes?

Water sources in India are very diverse, from rivers to reservoirs, but with increasing pollution level, the water quality is degrading over time. Although the Government is working on the issue along with various NGOs, yet it will take a long time to get the rivers cleaned.

Keeping this in mind, it is quintessential that every household in India must have a suitable water purifier. Although, is some houses water is supplied through underground sources still the underground water is high on salt and sediments content. However, both municipal and groundwater needs to be purified before it’s safe for drinking.

The market offers a wide range and makes of water purifiers to fit the budget of every individual living in India. But the problem is that not everyone is aware of the kind of water filter they must get for their home use. The water supply at your home determines the type of water filter you should use and understanding this is essential to get safe and healthy drinking water at home.

Although, the municipal water is treated to make it clean yet it is not safe for drinking. As the water is treated with chlorine and other chemicals to get rid of bacteria and other water pollutants, the water still has a substantial amount of chlorine, pesticides and other industrial wastes in it. It must be cleaned before drinking. You cannot go on boiling water every day, right! You need a perfect solution to this problem.

In this article, we have covered different water purifiers suitable for Indian homes based on a kind of water supply and purification process needed to purify it. Along with this, we have provided suggestions for budget buys and best buys in the market. Hope when you are done reading this, you would have figured out which water purifier you would want for your home.

Benefits of Water Purifier For Indian Homes

You must be aware of the deteriorating water condition of rivers in India, but rivers are the primary source of water for every purpose even for drinking. Although the government is doing its bit to make the water safe and clean it’s we the people that need to work harder in maintaining that cleanliness!

Well, rest thing apart, most children under the age of five die of cholera and diarrhea and other diseases born of drinking contaminated water. This alone is the most significant cause of using water purifiers in Indian homes for getting save and clean drinking water.

Underlined are significant benefits of using water purifier for Indian homes:

  • The paramount merit of using the water purifier is that it provides clean and safe drinking water.
  • It helps in filtering almost 99% of germs, bacteria, pesticides, and chemicals which mear boiling the water can’t provide.Wards off the bad odor and taste in the water making it taste good and pure.
  • The latest technology used in water filters helps in removing even the harshest of industrial chemicals that get dissolved in the water. Thus preventing many unwanted diseases.
  • With the improvement in technology, now the water filters are available at low cost to benefit even the marginal income people so that they can have access to clean water.
  • Most homes in India get an underground water supply that is hard, the RO water purifiers help in reducing the hardness of the water making it soft and safe for drinking.
  • Filters with TDS controller keeps a check on the water quality and aid in providing the best water safe for drinking.

BUYING GUIDE - How To Choose The Water Purifier

When the health of your family is at stake, each decision counts. And buying a good water purifier is critical. Pure and fresh water free from any contamination will help in keeping your family healthy and disease free.

Especially if you have kids at home, it is vital that you decide after much research and comparing all options of filters. While you are on the hunt to find the best water purifier for home use, you must have answers to these questions.

Water Quality

The quality of water is essential to determine what kind of water purifier will work best in your home. You must get the water checked at home before buying a purifier. The TDS level and water hardness will be paramount in this respect. If the water supply at your home has high TDS and is hard i.e. salt content in water is higher, then opting for an RO water purifier is better. While if the water is soft and, with low TDS, a multi-level carbon filter will do the necessary purification.

Check Water Contamination

Water contains various bacterias, viruses, nitrate, dissolved pesticides and chemicals, industrial waste and suspended solids; all these contaminate the water making it harmful even dangerous to drink.  Not every water purifier can remove all type of contamination. Therefore you need to check the kind of Contamination in the water supply at your home and then decide which water filter will suit your needs. If the water has a high contamination level, going with a UV+UF+RO will be the right choice. But if contamination is only in nature of sediments and bacteria then a carbon filter with UF will do the job well.

Storage Capacity

Yet another critical factor to know is the storage capacity in a water filter. The water filtration and storage capacity should be able to match your daily requirements for drinking and kitchen use. An automatic purifier is one good option because in that you don’t need to do anything. As soon as the water level will go down it will automatically start filtering to fill the tank. Thus you will always have water for your needs.


Every water filter call for regular maintenance. At least once in a year, the cartridges need to be replaced. So you must check the support that will be required in a purifier before you buy it. There are some filters that will require six months maintenance as well. Such maintenance adds to the cost of the purifier. The after sales services have to be better in this regard. If the company does not provide a good after sales service then there is no point buying it.

Warranty and Certification

Always check the certifications of the water filter you are going to buy. It will help you identify a genuine and authentic brand and quality product. Along with this, it is essential that you check for the warranty of the product. So, after you have gathered all this information now, you are ready to compare different makes and brands in the market to make a better choice for the best water purifier for home use in India.

Purified Water - Why You Need it?

Pure drinking water is something which is a must these days. The purity of the water has a direct impact on your and your family's health. Now, more than ever is the time we become conscious of the resources our body intakes.

There are various approaches to purifying water. You can avail of the services of a water purifier or can simply boil it to get rid of the harmful components.

Why is pure water essential for consumption?

The tap water which reaches our homes is rich in contaminants and salts. Germs and bacteria often accompany these waters based on the location and the water source.

When these bacteria enter the body, it tends to have a faster impact on the health before the immune system can combat it. This leads to a whole host of water-borne diseases. The likes of these diseases include cholera, bacillary dysentery, etc.

Apart from this, tap water normally contains high TDS amount. TDS refers to the dissolved solid contaminants in water. These contaminants play their part in increasing the hardness of the water and gives it an altered taste.

Water with a TDS value of less than 500 is considered to be pure and suitable for drinking. There are several methods to remove these unwanted aspects of water.

How can we make water pure?

Boiling water is one of the simplest and the oldest way to purify water. Experts attribute the process to getting rid of almost all of the bacteria and contaminants dissolved in water. Boiling for 4-7 minutes is required to make water safe for drinking.

The other means would be through the use of a water purifier. A water purifier employs several advanced methods in its working to get rid of these unwanted components. Brands make these products more advanced with every successive launch for efficient functioning.

Some of the methods which the purifiers employ are reverse osmosis (RO) and ultra-filtration (UV). Both these are combined in some models while many feature an additional activated carbon filter as well.

You can also use the means of chlorination to purify the water as well. This is particularly risky since chlorine, if not added in the exact prescribed amount can make the water poisonous. However, it is a method that has been used for many years and has proven to be an effective one.

What are some of the reasons to purify water?

Cost-effective Process

Let us cut to the chase. Purifying your drinking water is pretty cost-effective. Now you can go for sealed bottles of pure water that are sold in the markets. Many celebrated personalities even endorse these products.

However, in most cases, these bottles are quite expensive. And if not then you need to buy a lot of them to support your daily water consumption amount.

All this can be completely avoided if you use the means of purifying water. This will guarantee enough quantity for consumption for the whole family.

Better Taste

Yes, you read that right. The contaminants dissolved in water make it hard and gives the water a quite altered taste. You might be familiar with people who complain about the different taste of water because the iron level is high.

Using the water purification techniques you can get rid of the contaminants which in turn gets rid of the altered taste of water. The chlorination process itself leaves a funky taste in the water. This is, however, a sign of its purity.

Less Time Consumption

When you have to provide pure drinking water to a lot of individuals boiling might not be the ideal means. In this scenario, a water purifier with a significantly large capacity can be of great use since it will provide enough pure drinking water for the whole family within a very short period.

Bacteria Removal

The bacteria level in water is the direct reason of water-borne diseases in individuals. These germs can attack our bodies much before the immune system can defend us against it.

The diseases are mostly seen in children and senior citizens since the immune system is pretty weak in their cases. Purifying the water gets rid of these germs and reduces the risk of contracting any of these diseases.

Glowy Skin

One of the adverse effects of consuming impure water is that it affects the skin. This leads to irritation and rashes and overall poor skin health. When you purify your water, much like the water-borne diseases you significantly reduce the risks of contracting any of the skin problems.

Pure drinking water has also been attributed to making the skin glow. It is widely recommended by doctors and celebrated personalities to even promote this benefit of pure drinking water.

Chlorine Reduction

Chlorine in water can be poisonous. It leads to most of the serious cases of water-borne diseases. Purification of water is essential to get rid of the dissolved chlorine levels from it.

Now in this article only, we have recommended the chlorination process to purify water. This should be done by mixing chlorine in the exact prescribed amount. Else it would make the water impure and in some cases even poisonous.

If your area has a water supply that is rich in chlorine, it is advised you used some of the other means to purify the water. This would ensure the well-being of everyone who drinks it.

Lead Removal

Lead is another harmful component that is dissolved in tap water. The major adverse effects that can be attributed to lead is the learning problem among children.

For the better health of your family and to avoid the problem, you need to purify your water. Select a water purifier which has the capabilities to completely get rid of the dissolved lead levels in the water. It would be ideal for your family.

Cures Constipation

If you are a fan of the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”, you would know how adamant Sheldon is when it comes to drinking water for his regular bowel movements. Pure drinking water can help you if you are suffering from constipation. It can even help you with your regular bowel cycle.

The reasons for constipation are attributed to the harmful foods we eat and the impure water we drink. This can be easily avoided and even cured by routinely drinking pure drinking water.

Strong Immune System In Children

Childhood is a very delicate stage that forms the base for the rest of life. This is true even in the case of the immune system. The immune system of children is particularly weak and gets stronger as they grow old.

Making sure they consume pure drinking water is one of the first steps we need to take to ensure the same. If children consume impure water it adversely affects their health and makes their immune system weaker.

Reduces Headache

Yes, you heard that right. Experts claim that drinking harmful tap water can lead to a series of migraines in individuals. This is mainly attributed to a high TDS value in the water.

Using a water purifier ensures that you get rid of all these harmful dissolved contaminants from your water. Water purifiers are efficiently designed for the same and are a better option than boiling. When you start consuming pure water you reduce the chances of catching a migraine or a headache from time to time.

Better Food Quality

Most of our dishes need water to come in quantity. As mentioned before, purifying water gives it an improved flavor. This, in turn, improves the quality and taste of the food when the purified water is added to it.

Many experts suggest that you use water from water purifiers to make your food. This helps you focus more on the cooking than worrying about the risk that comes with impure water.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I change the filters of the water purifier?

Every water purifiers need their filters to be changed but the right time varies with the type of water (level of dissolved impurities), usage and various other factors.  However, 6 to 8 months is the ideal time to change the cartridges of every filter that may be sediment, carbon or any others. RO membrane can be replaced once in a 2 years which also varies with the usage and the level of impurities in the water. The need for replacing the filters arrives because the cartridges get exhausted by purifying the impurities from the tap water continuously. .

2. How to change the filters of water purifiers?

One should always take the help of professionals to change the filters inside the purifiers as the connections are quite complex for a novice.

If you are having the service available from the manufacturers directly, then it is the best option probably otherwise you could call your nearby service center. However, the filter cartridges should surely be from the original manufacturers in order to provide the purification at its utmost potential.

3. Does RO water purifier consume more electricity?

Although many filters are packed in the Latest models of water purifiers such as RO, UV, UF and TE,etc, the electrical consumption is solely dependent on pump and motor. This means that you have no need to worry about electricity even if you are using it regularly. Most RO Water purifier system has the power consumption of just 25 watts which means 1 unit in 40 hours. It is quite a small number when you compare it with other home appliances.

4. Can I use the water that is wasted in RO water purifiers?

The water which comes out of the outlet in RO water purifiers contains a high level of impurities and dissolved salts which can’t be used for either washing clothes or bathing. The use of such water on tiles and marbles may fade the color and the clothes may lose their shine soon. The best way to use the wastewater from a purifier is in cleaning and flushing your toilets. This can be way more productive than other things as a lot of water is directly left in the drain.

5. Can I buy a water purifier without TE in it?

TE (Taste Enhancer) is just for an additional taste to the purified water. The water which passes all the filters that are present in the RO water purifier is often tasteless.  Such water is added with some minerals which are eliminated by the RO process. However, the water is surely passed through the UF membrane and UV chamber which is safe to drink.

If you are getting a water purifier with TE in it at a reasonable price then you should surely go for it as added minerals that are lost by RO process and added taste makes it convenient to drink.

6.Does the RO water purifier provide safe drinking water without the need for boiling?

IF you are using the RO water purifier then it is safe enough to reduce the TDS level which is not only safe but also healthy to drink. The RO (Reverse Osmosis) can separate above 90% of the total dissolved salts from the water while passing the water through the semi-permeable membrane.

On the other hand, people living in urban areas which have excess TDS level must use RO water purifiers even if they boil water.

7. Can I leave the water purifier switched on all the time?

Nowadays all the water purifier are coming with the advanced technology that can automatically sense the reduction of water level and then takes the water from the connected tap. This means if you are leaving the purifier switched on every time then it will continue to consume electricity and bring in water to fill the water to the top level. Therefore, one should always switch it off while the tank is full as shown in the water level indicator in the display.

8. IS RO water purifiers better than UV?

Both of them have different significances as RO is effective in filtering the water from Total dissolve salt contents in it and UV is effective in killing the bacteria from it. However, it is better if a purifier possesses both of these filters for a better purification.

The reason for this, UV filter kills germs and leaves the hard water outside which is good for drinking but the dissolved salts which can cause adverse effects are still present in it. If the RO membrane is placed after the purification then the water will turn more purified which is safer to drink in any area, that may be either urban or rural.

Ways to Purify Water For Drinking

Purification of water can be deemed as one of the most crucial activities of today. The process is instrumental in getting rid of harmful components of tap water and making it drinkable. There are quite a few methods of purifying water and this discussion will cover a few of them.

To begin with, let us address that boiling is one of the oldest and best ways of purifying water. Boiling water for a duration of about 1 to 3-minutes will get rid of all the dissolved germs, bacteria present in the water that are invisible to the normal eye. This discussion will not take into account boiling, but will instead focus on the other available methods.

Reverse Osmosis

If you have noticed the RO label on the packaging of a purifier, it is a sign that the device uses the reverse osmosis process for purifying water. The process of reverse osmosis is pretty ingenious and relatively new.    

The process is instrumental in getting rid of the larger harmful contaminants of water. The features of this purification process are as follows.

  • Reverse osmosis does not require any kind of hazardous chemicals in its operation. Hence there are little to no side effects of the process.
  • Unlike water purification processes like distillation, reverse osmosis is pretty energy efficient in its working. 
  • The systems which use reverse osmosis for the purification of water are structured with a very modular design that is easy to install. Overall the system is very simple to operate and results are good quality purification.

It is one of the best methods for the purification of water. Combined with ultraviolet ray technology reverse osmosis is one of the most relevant and contemporary water purification methods of today.


The next water purification method is distillation. The concept of distillation revolves around the low boiling point of water. The water is heated to this boiling point and it is vaporized. The vapor is then cooled in a condenser and pure liquid water is obtained.

This is because the dissolved contaminants in water have a heavier structure and higher boiling point which prevents them from being vaporized along with the water. The features of this process are as follows.

  • The process is slow since the entire quantity of water needs to be vaporised. When you consider this execution on a larger scale, the process is significantly time-consuming.
  • The resources required for the execution of distillation make the process a pretty expensive one.
  • You can trust the process of distillation to get rid of the heavier dissolved contaminants in water like lead, mercury, and arsenic. The presence of these in drinking water can lead to poisoning.

You can also rely on the process of distillation to get rid of other dissolved contaminants as well. It is not widely used although it can become relevant in the upcoming days owing to the introduction of cheap resources.


Chlorination is a pretty poplar water purification method because it can be easily executed in households. It involves the purification of water by the addition of chlorine in it. Chlorine is instrumental in killing most of the disease-causing germs present in water.

Chlorine can be added both as chlorine tablets or liquid chlorine. The key features of the process of chlorination are as follows.

  • Although popular chlorination is a pretty risky process. Adding chlorine in excess amounts in the water will only lead to its poisoning.
  • Additionally, people suffering from serious medical ailments must consult with an expert before using the process of chlorination.
  • It is one of the cheapest water purification techniques since chlorine is pretty cheap to afford. However, it is a time-consuming process. 

If you are adamant about using chlorination, do take extra caution. Else you will end up making the water more toxic than before.


Filtration is one of the healthiest water purification methods. Its working involves the separation of both large and small dissolved contaminants from the water by the means of a filtration media. The process uses both physical and chemical means for efficiency.

As a water purification process, filtration has been relevant for years. The key features of the process are as follows.

  • It does not deplete any of the mineral salts in the water, unlike the other purification processes. Hence the healthiness of the water is maintained.
  • You can rely on filtration to get rid of both small and large particulates in the water.
  • The process is pretty economic as well. A very little amount of water is lost by the entire filtration process.

It is one of the best water purification processes and is considered at par with reverse osmosis in its efficiency. Using this method is surely an economic and perfect decision.

Final Words

Now, this brings us to the end of reviewing products. Hopefully, till now you must have made your mind on which water purifier is the best. As for me, I use the Kent RO+UV+TDS controller at home and with my three-year-old son drinking the same water, I never had complaints from it. The customer care is good, though they take 48 hours(to remind that’s their standard time) to work on any complaint. It filters cartridges need replacement every year since water supplied in our locality is very hard. Apart from this, there have been no issues as I have been using it for three years now.

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