The 8 Best Water Purifier Under 15000 – Our Top 8 Picks

Water facilities play a major role in day long stress and busy working schedules. Mainly in cities like Mumbai where most employees and working persons leave, drinking water becomes an essential need.

Seasons like summer brings in more thirst and eventually the need to drink the water and boiling the tap water is difficult after returning from the whole hectic working hours.

 Therefore water purifiers should be surely present in every household to reduce the efforts as well as for avoiding the waterborne diseases that have adverse effects on health. 

Even if you are a middle-class person trying for preserving the savings after monthly budget management plans, there are best water purifiers under 15,000 which will be productive for you in every sense.

Which water purifier is best for home use?

If you are looking for the best purifier which provides you the pure and healthy water without any efforts needed for boiling, then you should definitely check out the ranking list. The purifiers are ranked based on performance, efficiency, features, and effectiveness. Most importantly, every water purifier listed in this category is below 15,000 rupees making your choice more reliable and easy.

best water purifier under 15000

Best Water Purifier Under 15000 (2019)

1. Havells Max 8 Liters RO UV Water Purifier

Havells Max 8-litres RO UV Water Purifier

When it comes to the drinking water in working places mainly in cities like Mumbai which takes heat to the extreme level, portable, and best working water purifier would be the best choice.

This 8 liters Havells Max purifier would be the perfect choice for any working place making it the best water purifier for Mumbai. 

The futuristic RO and UV 7 staged purification technology with UV- c provides the safest drinking water in any season. It is compatible with all spaces in the room such as corners; tabletops as well as wall mount too.

Features: -

  • The incredible seven stage RO and UV purification process is surely the best ever technology seen in the water purifier world.
  • Havells max is built with a minerals technology that can revitalize the water molecules, balances the ph levels and absorbs essential minerals making the water healthier to drink.
  • The advanced alert system features in this Havells max triggers for every error while using such as pump failure, UV and SV failures, tank full alerts etc.
  • Unique soft touch and Zero splash faucet in this purifier are the most beneficial features to a normal user.
  • The easy to clean and removable water tank reduces the maintenance efforts. 

The 8 liters of storage capacity in the tank is complimented with the faster purification process that makes it the most compatible water purifier for home and working place usage in cities like Mumbai.

2. Kent Ace Mineral 7 Liters 60-watt RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

Kent Ace Mineral 7-Litre RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

Almost all Indian homes and offices rely on municipal water for drinking purpose. The water from the taps contains heavy chemicals and impurities that may dissolve in water from the iron piping system.

This 7-liter RO+UV+UF water purifier from Kent is specially designed to purify brackish water and to provide 100% safe drinking water. It can be suited for both homes and offices due to the high storage capacity, easy to mount feature and feasible double purification technology.

Features: -

  • The advanced double RO and UV purification technology with UF helps in purifying the inlet water from any sources.
  • TDS controller with Kent’s very own mineral RO technology makes it the most preferred one. Efficient computer controlled operation involved in Kent ace mineral water purifier has many alert operations which makes it extra convenient.
  • The high storage capacity of 7 liters also comes with the lightening purification speed of 15 liters per hour which gives an incredible performance.
  • White and Aquamarine colored tanks merge this purifier with any places and also consumes less electricity.
  • Highly compatible and can be mounted in countertop of the kitchen or in cabins of offices without any clutters.
  • Body made up of ABS-grade plastics makes it leakage free and easy to clean too.

There are four more models of this design varying in duty cycles, storage capacity, and purification speed. All these features make it the best option for people of all classes having the same 1-year warranty and 3 years of no service charge as all other Kent purifiers making it the most trusted one too.

3. Bluestar Majestic MA4BSAM02 8-Litre RO+UV Water Purifier

Blue Star Majesto 8-Litre RO + UV Water Purifier

Both elegance and efficiency preloaded in it, this is an all-round water purifier with multi-staged purification for inlet water. If you are finding a stylish purifier with high storage capacity and current savings features then the blue star is the appropriate choice for you.

The RO+UV protection in it can detect any kind of dissolved impurities starting from harmful bacteria and viruses to the heavy metals dissolved in the water while supply.

Even fluorine and chlorine levels in the water can be controlled with the high-grade layers provided in it making the water safer and healthier to drink.

Features: -

  • The RO and UV purification makes it the most reliable purifier for domestic purpose. 
  • The black and silver color enhances the look of the filter to suit in professional interior designs of office and home.
  • The high storage capacity of 8 liters tank can be enough for the number of persons in an office.
  • Although Blue star Majestic is an electric purifier, maintenance is easy due to the removable tanker and parts.
  • Incredible 500 to 200 ppm of filtration capability makes it more powerful than the renowned companies in the market.
  • The whole body is made up of food grade plastic which makes it safer to use and also easy to clean and maintain.

This is an all-round purifier with all requirements of the normal user. It is a trustworthy purifier that makes everything counts when it comes to health and safety.

4. Kent Wonder Plus 7 Liters RO + UF Water Purifier

KENT Wonder Plus 7-litres RO + UF Water Purifier

This is probably the best water purifier that should be given topmost priority when you are set for buying the best-suited water purifier for your home. Mineral RO technology which was probably started with Kent is now world-renowned due to its incredible benefits to every household. This Kent wonder plus wall mounted water purifier ranks top in the race of best water purifiers under 15,000 rupees. It is an electric purifier with 7 liters of storage having a 1-year warranty and 3 straight years of no service charge required.

Features: - 

  • Mineral ROTM technology is probably the best water process which can retain all the natural essential minerals with the help of TDS controller. 
  • This purifier uses the multi-stage RO+UF purification process which cleans every dissolved impurity from water starting from heavy metals to harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • High-speed purification of 15 liters per hour makes it more reliable which means 7 liters of water can be easily purified within a few minutes.
  • The entire purifier is made from ABS food grade plastic which means there will be no kind of leakages and no extra maintenance is required for the push back design.

You can be assured of 100% safe drinking water in your home with this Kent wonder plus water purifier as the latest technology involved in it can clean any contaminants making it healthy to drink.

5. HUL Purest Marvella RO+UV 10 Liter Water Purifier

HUL Pureit Marvella RO+UV+MF 10L Water Purifier

Pureit is the most renowned names due to the buzz created in the ads and its total worth of that publicity.

The high-grade Ro and UV multi purification technology used in this purifier provide water as safe as boiled water. With the high storage capacity of 10 liters, it is probably the best choice for the people desperate for a water purifier. 

The classy design of the water purifier can merge with any interiors providing the highly efficient performance in every season.  

Being the most trusted company of the year, most people prefer this due to the performance in spite of low energy intake and faster purification.

Features: -

  • RO membrane involved in the purification process cleans all the dissolved impurities deeply and makes the water 100% safer to drink.
  • The DC diaphragm pump of 24 volts increases the speed of outlet through the tap.
  • Purification speed of 9 to 12 liters per hour can reliably handle the full storage for purification in an hour.
  • The engineering grade, food safe and nontoxic plastic body makes it safe to use from all aspects of utilization.
  • Pureit Company provides exceptional customer service for every product and this purifier is no different. Starting from installation to any defects while using, everything can be taken care of by the services.
  • Ease of maintenance due to the removal of the tanker, membranes, and outlets.

This 10-liter water purifier from HUL Pureit Marvella also comes with one year warranty thus making it the best choice among all mid-range electric water purifiers.

6. Kent Pride 15 Liters Mineral RO Water Purifier

KENT Pride Mineral RO Water Purifier

Upgraded multi-stage purification and efficient water level indicator are the best things of Kent pride that makes it place in the top most priority. It looks decent with the slight transparent and whole white colored tanker and body.

The mineral RO technology increases its efficiency that surpasses the form factor in the price point of just 12,999. It has got every other feature of expensive and standard Kent water purifiers in the market.

Features: -

  • The multi-stage purification technology is so effective that it can clear every harmful bacterium, viruses, and salts which is not good for health.
  • The legitimate Mineral RO technology of Kent is effective in retaining all essential minerals using TDS controller to add healthy purpose to the water too. This also provides a good taste to the water.
  • Excellent customer service can be provided to the buyers at ease with several service centers across India thus making it reliable to use.
  • Being a part of the most reputed company, the Kent pride can purify all types of water which is inlet from any sources starting from municipal tap water to the brackish water.
  • Advanced computer controlled system for alerting purpose is highly beneficial for such a storage capacity of the purifier.

If you are looking for the most trustworthy water purifier at the budget-oriented price then Kent pride is the best choice for you. Moreover, the 8 liters of the tank can be used anywhere providing the day long need of water to employees and family members.

7. LG Puricare RO Water Purifier with Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank

LG Puricare RO Water Purifier

Filtration of all kinds of harmful chemicals and dissolved impurities play a major role when you look out for a water purifier in the market.

 LG Puricare water purifier has the most advanced 5 stage RO filtration system which includes the pre-carbon filter as well as a mineral booster too. 

The post-carbon filter section also adds the essential minerals that make the water healthier to drink. Upgraded dual protection steel tank with dual seal enhances the safety of the water to consume.

Features: -

  • The dual protection tank ensures safety and also maintains the freshness of water reducing the growth of algae or bacteria if kept for a long time.
  • A stainless tank of LG Puricare ensures 20% more efficient than the plastic tanks which are seen in the conventional water purifiers.
  • The unique sterilizing kit involved in this water purifier provides the most hygienic method to sterilize the entire tank containing water as well as faucet without using any kind of harmful chemicals in it.
  • LG Puricare uses the advanced and authorized filter that ensures the efficiency of vital parts of the filter’s body such as active layers for filtration and tap.
  • The smart display on the body of the filter uses powerful sensors to indicate power, water levels, time to change the water in the purifier.
  • The installation process of LG Puricare is easy and requires less maintenance than other conventional electric purifiers.

The vibrant color of the purifier makes it look decently elegant which can accompany any kind of rooms in home or office.

8. Kent Wonder 7-Litres Wall-mounted/ Countertop RO Water Purifier

KENT Wonder 7-Litres RO Water Purifier

If you are looking out for a compatible yet efficient water purifier for domestic purposes then this storage and the completely detachable storage tank brings all the required features for you.

The advanced RO+UV+TDS control system in this purifier not only cleans all the dissolved impurities but also adds essential minerals making the water healthy to drink. Kent’s latest UF protection also kills all harmful bacteria and viruses from the water assuring the safest water to drink.

Features: -

  • The advanced RO+UV protection features of Kent in the price point of 13,000 make it the best choice for domestic purposes.
  • Kent’s own mineral RO technology retains essential minerals and nutrients to make the water not only safe but also healthy to consume.
  • The compatibles size having the storage capacity of 7 liters and the purification speed of 15 hr/liter makes it more beneficial from the price point of view.
  • Alert system controlled by computer operations gets triggered for any failures in the system ensuring the safety of the users.
  • The peal whit color of Kent wonder water purifier makes it suitable for every place with easy to install process and easy to clean too.
  • As known of the company, excellent customer services comes with beneficial products including exciting warranty period and No service charges for 3 years.

Kent wonder 7 liters water purifier is perfect for any domestic usages mainly in cities like Mumbai where pollution gets to the peak levels often. A simple and efficient water purifier and working place can keep you healthy and safe in every adverse condition.

Although all of these water purifiers having varying prices and specifications, the best one that suits perfectly to your needs can be selected only by going through the features of all of them.

Comparison of prices and specifications from the same or different companies can also be beneficial when you are going to select the best product in the market.

Water Purifier Buying Guide

Almost all people who are about to buy a water purifier to suit their needs probably chooses the best one which gives a good value for the money spent on it.

More than the value, they trust the purifiers for the health as an alternative to the efforts put on to boil the water or buying mineral water from the market.

There are undoubtedly several companies which can provide the best water purifiers under 15,000 in the market. Some of them are already known by you due to the buzz and hype created in the market based on the quality and advanced features.

Apart from that, there are tons of reasons that make you crave for the best purifiers which are trustworthy as well as productive for the money you expanded on that.  

However, if you are looking for the most efficient and highly productive water purifiers in the market to suit all the needs of your home and office then you should probably ensure that the company provides

  • 100% safety from harmful diseases caused by contaminated water that has the risk of your life.

  • Safety from frequent water-borne diseases that affect normal people who consume tap water directly without boiling.

  • Removal of unwanted chemicals such as chlorine, fluorine and calcium carbonate which causes several adverse effects to health such as fluorosis.

  • Purification of any kind of water that goes into the inlet of water purifier.

  • Advanced alert system using computer controlled operations to be aware of the water level in the tanker, errors in the performance of motors and filters, errors in RO purification and so on.

  • Purification of both hard and soft water with faster purification timing for any levels of the storage capacity of the filters.

  • Efficient RO and UV protection to purify all kinds of dissolved impurities from the water that may be chemicals or salts or else harmful bacteria and viruses.

  • TDS controllers that retain the essential minerals and nutrients to the water to make it healthier.

  • Sedimentation filter is better to retain some nutrients to the water for better health.

  • Compatibility to suit any type of environment based on your needs.

After ensuring all these specifications from the promise list of the company you can compare the specs with the price provided for the selected purifier. Buying online makes the selection easier with more options to compare based on the specification as well as price.  

Even the specification may vary with the needs of them such as high-quality purifier for office for all the employees in it. Domestic purpose water purifiers with basic RO and UV filtration abilities for home and so on. 

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