Top 10 Best Treadmills in India for Home Use

There are millions of people across the globe who wants to lessen their weight, burn unwanted calories and fats to stay healthy. Being desperate is not enough to get into serious shape, it requires workouts, regular physical activities such as jogging and skipping.

However, the best way to fasten the weight loss and stay fit is to attain a consistent splinting exercise. This is possible only in the open spaces such as beaches and running tracks which is not possible for everyone, thus treadmills are the most beneficial alternative for such people. Selecting the best model in the market is quite a tough task due to the increase of companies and brands.

However, in order to simplify your efforts, we are listing the topmost best treadmills in India ranked based on features, specifications, benefits, accessories provided with it as well as price.

Top 3 Treadmills Brands


Fitkit is an Indian company that specializes in providing premium fitness gear. They provide several products related to sports and fitness such as yoga mats, dumbbells and weights, multiple fitness accessories as well as a wide range of treadmills. The treadmills manufactured by Fitkit are known for their energy-saving features and high-quality build.

Why choose Fitkit?

  • The build of their treadmills are of high quality and are significantly more durable.
  • The treadmills have an integrated power-saving motor that consumes much less energy and thus lowers your monthly electricity bills.
  • Advanced dashboard of the treadmills keeps track of speed, records heart rate and monitors pulse. 


Founded back in 2005, Powermax is an Indian importer and manufacturer of sports and fitness equipment. Their equipment includes free weights, toning circuits, cardio equipment as well as indoor cycling and aerobic studios. Their treadmills are exceptionally popular for being equipped with the latest technology and having a long-lasting build.

Why choose Powermax?

  • They provide prompt support for their customers that have problems regarding their products. 
  • Their treadmills have built-in speakers as well as a functional USB connection to load songs from any device.
  • The running belt has an anti-skid quality and can take upto 90 kilograms of weight.


Healthgene was established over 55 years ago and since has been a prominent contributor to the healthcare industry of India. They provide several healthcare products, personal hygiene products, healthcare equipment such as blood pressure monitors, elderly and baby care products, as well as sports and fitness equipment.

Why choose Healthgenie?

  • They provide high-quality treadmills with three years of warranty on the frame and one year on the motor.
  • You can find an emergency stop button which is helpful if you suddenly get too tired and have trouble slowing down.
  • Treadmills have a 3” LCD display that records and shows necessary feedbacks.

10 Best Treadmill in India for Home

1. Fitkit  FT098 1.5HP Motorized Treadmill

Most people in towns or cities follow the busiest schedules in the working days which includes office works as well as works at home which gives no time to walk or jog out in their locality. Well, now with Fitkit treadmills you can do regular cardio sessions in your home without having any kind of necessity of stepping out. The reason for this claim by the manufacturers is the exceptional built and incredible features that tend to provide similar outcomes in a controlled environment through the reliable settings provided.

All these benefits require less power consumption with the energy saving motor in it. In addition to this, Speakers for playing your favorite music and shock absorbing running cushion are some of the main highlights of the FT098 models which make it enlisted in the best treadmill in India in 2019.


  • Incredible built that merges every lifestyle besides providing comfort in exercising in own home is quite an impressive thing to consider in the Fitkit treadmill.
  • Smart energy saving motor in the treadmill is the same as the health club equipment seen in the biomechanics lab of Fitkit which is ensured as sturdy after millions of product testing.
  • Advanced Dashboard made from the latest technology helps in tracking the speed records and the pulse monitor can also measure the heart rate to exercise in a proper manner.
  • Shock Absorbing Running and speakers are some of the incredible additions to the Fitkit treadmill of these models which makes it quite compelling.

Wide running surface, Wheels to transport, 90° folding and long term durability features makes it the best buy under 15k for every home.

2. Powermax Fitness TDM-98 Foldable Motorized Treadmill

Powermax is quite a renowned company nowadays in the fitness field and is possessed in every gym. The TDM-98 model of treadmill is the perfect ones for home gymnasium too to perform cardio sessions for a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, compatibility, durability and perfect exercising experience are all packed in this modern model of Powermax which one can never regret in the real-time usage.

Not only the build quality but also some technically upgraded highlighting features such as accurate heart rate sensor, a preset program featuring LED display, built-in speakers and USB connectivity makes it the most preferred model in the market with quite a reasonable price compared to the other competitors.


  • The 1.5Hp motor in the Powermax treadmill is not only powerful but also energy efficient too.
  • LED display having the preset programming features is quite an appreciable addition to the mid-range valued treadmills.
  • Heart Rate sensor in the pulse grip provides an accurate heart rate while cardio.
  • Built-in speaker and USB connection the exercising experience to a great extent.
  • User weight capacity can be extended up to 90 kg with the extra buffer.
  • Running belt with anti-skid quality, low running deck design, manual lock, and auto stop safety functions are the most beneficial and favorable features for both beginners as well as pros.

The all in one package of Powermax comes with the 90% assembled state with every tool required to fit provided in it. However, frame warranty of lifetime, 3 years motor warranty and parts and labor warranty of 1 year with these extremely advanced and packed features is probably the most preferable choice in India till date.

3. Healthgenie 3911M Lightweight Foldable Motorized treadmill

When it comes to gymnasium props in home, placing space is a big question for every household lacking a spacious room for the accessories. However, with health genie’s treadmill of model number 3911M, this will not be an excuse for the people desperate for losing the unwanted calories and fats with cardio sessions. Moreover, the 3” LCD display and an accurate pulse sensor provide a perfect track of the weight loss and the heartbeat rate too which is useful for the beginners in cardio.

Wide running space on the belt, safety key with emergency stop button, wheels for transportation and speakers in the health genie treadmill makes it one of the perfect cardio companions out there in 2019.


  • The pulse sensor on the treadmill of Healthgenie is quite a good addition to measuring the pulse rate to exercise in a proper manner to get effective results sooner.
  • The LCD display of 3” provides all the necessary feedbacks that are necessary while doing cardio exercises such as calories, pulse rate, speed, distance as well as time.
  • An emergency stop button which is necessary for every aged people is also provided in the safety key to ensure healthy exercise.
  • Speakers to play your favorite music to motivate for consistency are also an impressive addition to the treadmill.

All these features of Healthgenie also include the 3 years frame warranty and 1 year of warranty on motor as well as other parts thus making it quite the best choice for the people striving to be consistent in workouts to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

4. Powermax Fitness TDA-125 Motorized Treadmill

Advanced technology that enhances the experience and reduces the efforts is preferred by everyone and Powermax treadmill does the same to provide a better experience to the customers. Auto inclining function, Larger 5.5” LCD display, Hydraulic soft drop system and smart run functions are the few quite appealing features that make the TDA-125 model return back to the list of best treadmills in India for home.


  • The topmost compelling feature of the Powermax treadmill is the smart run function which can record the activity of the user and replay the same instructions the next time too. This makes the interface easier for a regular runner to a great extent.
  • Larger blue display which is bright enough to show every minor detail from every angle enhances the experience of cardio while monitoring the essential factors required to be tracked perfectly.
  • Preset programs can offer a variety of challenges and also calculate the BMI too thus keeping track of body conditions.
  • The auto inclination is also a good feature which is powered by a robust electric motor that provides a natural and feasible transition from angle to another.
  • Commercial grade damping system improves the softer landing abilities and also dual shock absorption on the track reduces the stress levels too.

Apart from having those highlighting features in the Powermax TDA-125 model, it is also easy to maintain with the moisture proof, water resistance CPU, etc. Lifetime frame warranty is also provided with this model which makes it a better deal in quite a reasonable price point.

5. Cockatoo CTM-04 Multifunction Treadmill

People who are desperate for losing their weights by burning unwanted calories and fat but can’t get enough time to jog outside can find this incredible featured treadmill a quite exciting and relieving alternative. The CTM-04 model of Cockatoo is a proper home usage based treadmill having tons of customizable options technically in CPU as well as physically incompatibility with foldable and movable features. Besides all these options and incredible design with high quality built, it also has a reliable motor function with a good digital display panel and required sensors.


  • Heart rate sensor of the advanced algorithm gives the accurate heartbeat rate to monitor the performance of the body and to accordingly increase or decrease the speed.
  • The Display panel contains every factor such as time distance, calories burnt as well as the speed required for a healthy exercise thus avoiding any kind of troubles.
  • The belt and the track is made from high quality and highly durable steel frame which provides stability and sturdiness to all users.
  • Reliable transportation wheels in Cockatoo treadmill provide easy transport to any corner of the room easily.
  • Separate tactile buttons to provide every instruction is quite easy to use to preset the program.
  • The 1100x390mm size of the running surface is fit for every sized men and woman.

Cockatoo CTM-04 model treadmill comes with the 3 years motor warranty, Lifetime warranty for the frame as well as parts warranty of one year. Besides manufacturers also provides free installation services across India thus making it one of the best treadmills for home usage in 2019.

6. Durafit 001 Strong Motorized Treadmill

When it comes to gymnasium equipment and accessories, every buyer wants them to be long lasting and extremely durable to sustain the heavy usage and adverse conditions every day. Thus Durafit, a renowned sports items manufacturer built a highly durable treadmill to sustain any kind of rough usages easily. The 001 model treadmill possess 2HP motor which can be proved perfect for the splinters and athletes. Moreover, the preset programs included in it can also be useful for beginners in a cardio session.  Besides providing intense cardio training this can also motivate the users with the loudspeakers playing music of the user’s choice.


  • The high power noiseless motor which can sustain high-speed rotations for splinting is quite an impressive touch to the incredible build quality of the treadmill.
  • Larger running space for the users enhances the user experience to do more active workouts on the Durafit treadmill regularly.
  • Advanced CPU stores 24 different preset programs for pros as well as novices to make their workouts effective.
  • The latest copper mesh core technology involved in the motor function provides good reliability and distortionless experience.
  • Synthetic gel cushion technology with incredible ergonomic design enhances the efficiency of motor consuming less power.
  • Hydraulic drop system and heart sensor with advanced tech make it quite an impressive product.

Durafit 001 model treadmill is the proper choice for the people who want to make a serious upgrade in their cardio session with the latest technology. This can provide incredible functioning and high reliability with unmatchable performance to date.

7. Healthgenie 6 in1 4112M Motorized Treadmill

In order to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, it is necessary to have all the necessary equipment available in the home starting from cardio accessories to the weight training accessories. Healthgenie, being a customer based manufacturer thinks the same and thus provides tons of gymnasium accessories with the incredible performing treadmill with highly capable motor and impeccable built and designs. Every latest feature provided by a reputed company is available in this treadmill with the advanced technologies taken into consideration for a normal user.


  • The topmost feature of the Healthgenie 4112M model is the 5” LCD Display specially made for retrieving every factor that is essential while doing cardio sessions such as time, distance, calories burnt as well as speed.
  • Running surface of 123.5x42cms area is quite an adequate space for every sized person for regular usage.
  • The ergonomically impeccably built treadmill also comes with the foldable designs required by every household to manage the accessories in a congested house.
  • 2 Position manual inclinations also help in achieving the results quickly with intense workouts with high weight sustenance capability.
  • Pulse monitor and massager are the favorable features for the beginners to be consistent in the cardio regularly.

The 4112M model treadmill from Healthgenie comes with tons of additional gymnasium accessories such as sit-ups, tummy twister, resistant tubes, and dumbbells too. All these additives also include 3 years of frame warranty, 1-year motor warranty and 1 year on other parts too thus making it the most beneficial treadmill in the market.

8. Powermax fitness TDM-100M Multifunctional Treadmill

An all in one treadmill which possesses multipurpose functionalities in the TDM 100m version is quite a compelling version of all the competitors in the market. All these features are also accompanied by the larger display and heart rate sensors which provide accurate measurement of a heartbeat. Hydraulic soft drop system with advanced features such as less power consumption and highly efficient motor performance is quite a beneficial addition comparative to many other competitors providing the same features and reliability.


  • The display of 5.5” which can retrieve every other factor required for a regular cardio session such as time, speed, calories burnt, distance, etc is quite an impressive addition to the features of the Powermax fitness treadmill.
  • Highly durable body made from steel supports and iron frames with the most efficient performance provided by the powerful 1.5 hp motors remains long lasting with highly durable quality.
  • Anti-corrosive paint on the metals and the precision machined rollers keeps it like new ones for a long period of time.
  • Advanced CPU also contains pre-workout programs necessary for pros as well as beginners when it comes to regular cardio sessions.
  • The dual spring shock absorption and anti-skid running a feature on the running track provides a sturdy feel to the user when it comes to the regular usage in adverse conditions.

The lifetime warranty on the frame and corrosive paints on the metals with the incredible performance provided by the extensive and advanced features make it the best ever treadmill in India.

9. Durafit Heavy 2.5HP Motorized And Foldable Treadmill

Gymnasium accessories should be always preferred highly durable to sustain high intense workouts with heavy loads and high-speed cardio sessions. The draft heavy 2.5HP model treadmill is designed especially for such athletes who prefer high intense cardio sessions regularly to maintain fit body shape. Some appreciable features such as Dura spring shock absorption, safety, and comfort, pre-programmed workouts, etc enhanced the performance of this heavy-duty treadmill to merge with every kind of users. Moreover, the design and build to suit people of every age and size improves the results of cardio sessions extensively.


  • The highly durable and powerful 2.5HP noiseless motor is one of the most compelling features for the Durafit treadmill.
  • Loudspeakers to play music to motivate your performance and consistency helps in being regular to the cardio sessions to stay fit.
  • Higher cushioning belt system with shock absorption features with improved surface friction and traction improves the regimen of fitness significantly.
  • One of the topmost features to prefer this model from Durafit is the extremely light portability.
  • Easy fold hydraulic system, preset programming, and heart rate sensors also work incredible providing accurate measurements of the users based on the pulse and many other factors too.

If you are up to buy a treadmill for home usage and wanting the best features available in the market of quite expensive products, then this is the best go through for all kinds of significant features of cardio accessories with tons of features.

10. Powermax Fitness TDA-150 Treadmill

Preferring a one-stop accessory having all in one feature is quite a smart choice and thus Powermax brings the TDA-150 model with tons of functionalities to favor the customers from all aspects. The smart run function which is seen in every Powermax treadmills is quite a beneficial system and is also a reason that many people prefers it in the first place. Auto lubrication and auto inclination are the upgraded technology used in this model to enhance the outcomes and the effectiveness of the workouts to every age and size of users.


  • The green efficient motor of 2.5 HP is quite a powerful motor in the market compared to many other brands available.
  • High-speed range and heavyweight sustenance are also quite compelling features of this model which ensures heavy duty performance for a long time.
  • Wide running surface and tons of sensors which are common in the latest treadmill but with the expensive price is readily available with the TDA-150 model of Powermax fitness.
  • The clear digital display can show the necessary factors such as time, speed, calories burnt, distance, etc from every angle while you are in the cardio session itself.
  • Anti Shock absorption favored comfortable track for running provides a comfortable feel even in the highly intense and fast running for a long time.

Powermax TDA-150 model is undoubtedly the one and only full packed treadmill with all required features for an athlete or even a normal person varying in size, age and weight too. This can be the first priority in the list of mid-range accessories for home usage.

5 Reasons You Should Get On A Treadmill Now

One of the major gym equipment pieces that you can see everywhere is the treadmill. Even when we go on a jog or q run, using the treadmill is extremely important. So, here are the five main reasons to use a treadmill in your daily gym schedule. 

There Is No Question Of Too Hot Or Too Cold Weather Inside A Gym

The best part of exercising on a treadmill is that you won't have you cancel your plans due to extreme weather conditions. So, even if it’s snowing outside or it is scorching heat of the summers, you can easily carry on with the exercise regime without having to think about anything else. This is the reason why people often prefer treadmills than running on the streets every day. 

Treadmills Offer Support Suspensions For Reducing Impact On Joints

Another added benefit of having a treadmill as your option is the reduced impact on your bones and joints. The suspensions in the treadmills allow you to put your heel without letting you put pressure on your knees or your hips.

This is why running on treadmills is very much beneficial as compared to running on the roads. Also, as the road surface is not even and has its ups and downs, stepping on them might give you a fracture or a paining knee. However, the treadmill has even surface which helps in avoiding such disasters. 

Treadmills Offer Some Guilty Pleasure Moments

While you are running on the treadmill, you can watch a TV or listen to your favourite songs. This is why treadmills are better than running on the roads. Also, you can listen to someone’s jokes or some gossips while you are engaged in your running spree. 

It Is Safer Than Taking A Run

While you are on the road, you might encounter some accidents or misfits. But, when you are inside the gym and running on a treadmill, you won’t have to think about these things too much. 

You Will Get Variety 

With treadmills come the option of setting your treadmill on different speed modes and other features. 

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Treadmill

A treadmill is a proper alternative for jogging and walking but without having the need of stepping out of your home. With the rapidly developing features and advancements in the options, treadmills can provide a massive range of benefits to the professionals as well as novices trying to lower their fats and increase their stamina. However, if you want to be serious in your regular workouts and cardio sessions then you must also choose the best model of the treadmill which not only suits your lifestyle but also can give effective results within less time effectively.

There are some factors which should be considered before buying a treadmill to acquire maximum benefits from it.

Factors to be considered before buying


If you are going for an electric treadmill then the performance of the motor is the first and foremost factor to be considered. A treadmill certainly requires a heavy-duty motor to sustain the heavyweight performance load. The motor of the above 1.5HP is considered perfect for a treadmill which can sustain the heavyweight as well as high speed for a long time.

Build and Design

Most favorable build with wider running space and steel framework around the running belt should always be preferred while buying a standard treadmill. Besides, care should also be taken while preferring the design to suit the interior design of the room to some point. Highly durable metals such as steel and iron are the best choice for a proper treadmill preference.


Space is also an important factor while opting for huge gymnasium equipment. Not all houses have a spacious room to place large machinery and thus foldable and portable treadmills would work well in these scenarios. Treadmills with wheels to enhance the transportation and inclination for effective workouts are also considered favorable from the user point of view.


Price is the major factor for every class persons but it should be considered only based on the provided specifications and features. It is probably a smart choice to prefer online shopping where you can get to compare many models based on varying features, specifications and additional accessories provided.

There are several companies in the market which is trying to sustain the heavy competition of the market with competing several reputed and renowned companies as a result providing fewer prices too. One can also get the most compelling discount offers and rate cutters through a thorough search among the online stores.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a treadmill be useful for the reduction of belly fat?

Will a treadmill be too loud while staying in an apartment?

What can I expect the power for the home treadmill to be?

Can I get the adequate sturdiness from folding treadmills?

Are the expensive treadmills capable of serving better?

Can I do a treadmill every day at my home?

Do treadmills throw a bad impact on my knees?

Final Words

Acquiring a treadmill for home usage is probably a smart choice in the busy schedules of peoples to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Proper cardio sessions on a regular basis have tons of benefits such as improving blood regulation, burning unwanted calories and fats, reducing the overweights too.

However, the necessary factors to be analyzed before going for a treadmill should surely be read out and the price should be compared with as many companies as possible with respect to the specifications and features of other renowned companies. Online stores can be highly beneficial in these aspects but proper advice from a fitness expert or nutritionist is also required to see impressive changes in your body.

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