The 10 Best Food Processors For Home India (Updated)

A kitchen is a place that gets completed only with every essential need required to cook any kind of food faster and tastier. Acquiring every need based on their usages such as knives, grinder, juicer, etc is definitely a difficult task in these days as price and quality vary with the brand.

Choosing the best brand from a stock of options is even more confusing due to a number of companies offering the same products just with minor differences in specifications as well as price. In this scenario, having a multipurpose machine is highly beneficial such as a multi-functional food processor.

Nonetheless, being a part of emerging technology, this also has certain options which need in-depth knowledge before preference. Thus we provide the best food processors in India ranked based on the specifications, features, performance, durability as well as price.

Best Food Processors in India (2020)

Inalsa Wonder Maxie Plus Food Processor

There are many households desperately wanting to upgrade their kitchen to simplify their efforts in cooking and in the meanwhile save a lot of time too.  Inalsa Wonder Maxie plus food processor will be a great compliment to such people with stylish look as well as incredible performance too.

Several functionalities such as chopping, kneading, mincing, juicing as well as grinding can be done with a single click through it. It is an all in one package of every need of a kitchen accompanied by Atta kneader, egg whisker, chopper, centrifugal juicers, and 6 segmented cutters too. With all these incredible compliments with it, Inalsa Wonder maxi gets listed in the best food processor in India with extreme level usage and benefits.


  • With Atta kneader, chopper, grinder, juicer, etc that comes with the Inalsa Maxi food processor, it is probably the one stop solution for every essential kitchen needs mainly in countries like India.

  • A long list of applications and usages, it is probably made to serve every purpose in the kitchen with long-lasting performance as well as high-quality build which is backed up by Unbreakable jar, Overload protector, etc.

  • Being made of high-quality materials such as steel and polycarbonate, this processor can blend or grind some good amount of ingredients at a time easily having high capacity in motors too.

The 700 watts powered copper motor having 5 years of warranty accompanied with 2 years of warranty on the Inalsa Maxi Food processor makes it the best choice for any households considering every specifications and price featured.

Inalsa Maxie Premia 800 Watt Food Processor

Preferring a proper appliance that not only performs well to suit the needs of the kitchen but also merge with the interiors is probably a smart way to go for. In these terms, Inalsa Maxie Premia does the best in the food processor with elegant look, powerful performance as well as incredible durability too.

With all qualities of a proper food processor having multi-functions such as juicing, grinding, kneading and chopping, etc, it leads the race with some incredible features. Inalsa Maxie Premia is a whole package of several individual appliances with even more reliable features and compatibility.


  • Separate Grinder jars for chutneys as well as for dry herbs, blending jar for wet ingredients, juicer, food processor and citrus juicer, etc makes the Inalsa Maxie Premia more appealing as a perfect and advanced kitchen appliance.
  • Thehigh-quality build of the processor, as well as the jars that come with it, makes it easy to maintain as well as increase its durability to a whole new level.
  • The powerful 800-watt motor which operates on 220 to 240 volts makes the processing feasible as well as faster too.

Inalsa Maxie Premia is undoubtedly the best food processor below 7k due to the additional features and jars accompanied with the package. Moreover, 2 years of warranty on the product and 5 years of warranty on the motor makes it a good deal too.

Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 Food Processor

Besides using a lot of appliances in the kitchen, it is also essential to arrange everything in a proper place which consumes a lot of time, thus use of food processors like Bajaj FX 11 can help you as an alternative of all such appliances.

The FX11 food processor is basically a combination of several appliances in one package having a chopper, kneader, juicer, slicer, and shredder as well as French fry maker too. Moreover, all these functions are also accompanied by the 600-watt motor which makes your works reliable and faster as well. The accessories which come with the processor of Bajaj Food factory also makes it compatible to a great extent.


  • Multipurpose functionalities such as chopping, juicing, slicing, French fry making, shredding, etc makes the Bajaj food factory a beneficial and smart appliance.
  • The package includes juicer jars, blender jars and processing bowl all made up of stainless steel and polycarbonate which is a good addition for a mid-range preferred appliances for the kitchen.
  • The interlocking system in the processor’s jars makes the food processing quite handy and easy too.
  • The highly durable body and incredible efficiency consume just 600Watts to power the 18000 rpm motor.

The powerful motor of Bajaj Food factory FX11 model has 5 years of warranty and the whole processor have 2 years of warranty making it the best deal till date.

Inalsa INOX 1000 Watt Food Processor

Inalsa brings you the best way to enhance your cooking experience in the kitchen with the incredible performance of the INOX 100 watt model food processor. The elegant food processor of classic matte black color suits every lifestyle when it comes to versatile cooking procedures such as juicing, chopping, blending, grinding, etc complimented with the safety sensors to make it safe to use from all aspects.

Apart from all those normal features of any food processor, it includes many jars and blades for different purposes which make it the best choice among other competing processors.


  • The smartly designed knob is surely the best feature of the Inalsa INOX food processor as the regulation of different speeds based on the requirement is made easy.;
  • 5 SS disc-shaped blades, as well as ATTA kneader and chopper blades, are also included in the package for the respective requirements in the kitchen for normal usages.
  • Citrus press and different grinder jars such as chutney grinder jars, blender jar, centrifugal juicer make it a complete kitchen appliance due to the versatile applications.
  • Easy to clean as well as maintain on a regular basis due to the durable and quality build

Longer warranty of 2 years on the entire product is something that one can never regret but the offer accompanied by the incredible capacity and performance is probably a good choice mainly in cities.

Inalsa Fiesta 650- Watt Food Processor

A multipurpose food processor is what every household needs in their kitchen to reduce their efforts in cooking and making it faster too. Inalsa fiesta does the same for the people in need with the multifunction features merged in this food processor such as chopping, juicing, grinding, etc. All these utilizations features make it the best food processor to date.

The four functional blades and cutter in it offers incredibly smooth chopping and grinding which is definitely required for faster cooking. On the other hand, is a 60W processor it consumes comparatively less power than the conventional machines such as grinders and juicers.

Features: -

  • A multifunctional ability with various components that comes with the processor is probably a beneficial point from the price point of view.
  • Food processor by Inalsa is a centrifugal juicer which can maintain the same freshness of fruits and vegetables as before.
  • Less power consumption and easy to maintain qualities make it even more reliable to use.
  • Two blender jars and a grinder jar made up of stainless steel is quite an appreciable addition to such a classic product.

All these features packed in the impeccably efficient food processor of Inalsa comes with 2 straight years of product warranty as well as 5 years of warranty on the motor. This probably makes it the topmost products to be preferred by a normal household.

Morphy Richards Icon Superb Food Processor

Having a spacious place in the kitchen is required for every household for several purposes but due to many essential appliances, it couldn’t be possible often. With the Morphy Richards icon superb food processor, you will have no need to worry about such things as this processor provides 16 functions in a single appliance.

The brand new Quadra flow technology used in the processor of Morphy Richards is quite reliable and efficient in various tasks for 7 different sized vegetables. The heavy-duty motor used in it is also a quite exciting part in this processor as it is more reliable in every task that can be performed by several other individual appliances separately.


  • 16 different jars with 6 different types of blades are included in the package of Morphy Richards icon food processor for versatile functions in the kitchen that makes it incredibly productive.
  • Versatile designs in blades and hard for 7 different sized vegetables is quite beneficial in the kitchen.
  • Reliable regulating knobs and feasible and powerful motor function makes the processor highly efficient on a regular basis.
  • Dual pusher system and interlocking features for safety purpose are quite exceptional in Morphy Richards processor.

Morphy Richards 1000 watt food processor comes with 2 years of warranty which makes it the most trusted and literally best food processor for home needs.

Bajaj FX7 600 W Food Processor

Incredible performance, good reliability, multi-functionalities are some of the reasons behind the Bajaj FX7 model getting enlisted in the top best food processors in India. Besides multipurpose features such as juicing, mixing grinding and chopping every accessory included in the package of the respective model is power efficient and have incredible durability too.

Sturdy food processing, interlocking feature, LED indicators are some of the complementary features which are rare to see in the recent models of food processors in the market. Apart from this, some exciting features such as the availability of many stainless steel jars and blades for multipurpose is also quite a beneficial point in the price range.


  • Inbuilt safety interlocking technology used in this powerful machine is quite compelling for everyone wanting an all in one appliance to replace many other products used in the kitchen.
  • Stainless steel jars, Atta kneaders, and processors are helpful in making many items such as batter for Vada, shakes, idlis, dosas, etc easily.
  • LED indicators and energy efficient a motor in the Bajaj FX7 is quite a good complement for the high capacity and incredible performance rate too.

Bajaj is known for its excellent customer service provided for every product delivered and moreover, the extended warranty period of 2 years also makes it quite a smart choice in the field of food processors 2019.

Bosch Lifestyle MCM3501M 800 W Food Processor

Bosch is one of the most renowned brands having versatile products that perform incredibly in real time applications. The MCM3501M model food processor provides more than 50 functions with versatile accessories such as blades, jars, choppers, graters, Atta kneaders, juicers, blenders, etc.

Multilevel 6 knives with 3 double blades are also for a great performance in chopping vegetables to fine pieces. All these features are powered up with the powerful 800 w motor which can be regulated by two-speed options for all purposes. Moreover, the build quality which provides incredible durability through a long term performance is also quite a good addition to complete the whole package.


  • One of the best features of the food processor from Bosch lifestyle is the powerful 800-watt motor which can accomplish any task reliably.

  • The one-liter blender included in it performs really well in grinding different sized vegetables as per requirement.

  • Cable storage compartment and the smart storage option make it quite compatible in using the processor in a busy kitchen.

  • Consumes less amount of electricity in spite of providing great performance.

2 years of warranty on the product, multi-functional features, additional props such as jars, blades, Atta kneader, etc makes it a complete homely product which can simplify the efforts of any household.

Singer Foodista Plus Food Processor

Singer brand has become quite a renowned brand soon after its release in India and the food processor provided by the company is more of a compelling product with 14 separate useful attachments included in it.

The food processor of singer possesses a 600 watt of the motor which consumes less electricity as well as performs well in regular usage providing a good long term performance too. Foodista model is quite an affordable food processor for middle-class people in spite of having astonishing features and offerings.

Features: -

  • High reliable and efficient stainless steel blades are quite a complimenting prop for the incredible performance of the motor and the quality of jars.
  • Juicer jars also posses the fruit filter which makes the juicing even easier.
  • Singer Foodista model food processor comes with the centrifugal and citrus juicer which simplifies the efforts to a great extent in the kitchen.
  • The 600-watt motor is of high efficiency and thus has 5 years of warranty too.

This model of a singer food processor is completely for the middle-class people who need a good alternative for several appliances at an affordable price and long term of warranty too.

Phillips Food Processor HL1661

Philips is quite a familiar name in India in appliances and electronics due to the exceptional work of the manufacturer in providing the best quality products including the best customer services too. HL1661 food processor of Phillips is also one of this kind with extravagant features and superior performance.

The 700 watt motor in this food processor is capable of chopping, grinding, blending, juicing, kneading, etc with low consumption of power. Package of this model from Phillips also consists of several models of blades for different purposes which makes it a good choice for a kitchen upgrade.


  • The compact form factor with the most powerful motor in the industry can accomplish any kitchen tasks easier and faster too.
  • Atta kneading props and Blades for juicing, shredding, grinding, chopping for several purposes included in the package makes it a smart choice for people of every lifestyle satisfying all needs.
  • All accessories are easy to assemble, clean and maintain on a daily basis due to good build and supreme form factor in the quality and performance.
  • Best for long term usage due to the highly durable materials used and also consumes less amount of electricity too.

People those who are vexed with lots of appliances in the kitchen and are desperately searching for an all-around performer can find this quite attractive from the price point of view too.

Buying Guide For A Food Processor

A food processor is now a day’s highly preferred by people of every class and every lifestyle due to multi-functionality and compatibility which reduces the efforts to look out for separate appliances in the market. However, with the emerging of technology, companies also have developed with brand new features, specifications, and prices which has made the choice of the best processor tough in the market.

Online market, on the other hand, is quite favorable in terms of providing genuine information of the processors by which one can select the product as per their requirement. However, there are some factors to consider before buying a food processor in online stores as well as retail stores in the market.

Factors To Be Considered

High Efficiency

The first and foremost thing that should be considered before buying a food processor from the market is its efficiency in performing. Motor capacity and the build quality depict everything about the efficiency of the product. Thus one should analyze the capacity of the motor before going for every other accessory to witness a long term performance in the kitchen.

Some food processors are excellent juicers. There are separate appliance parts like juice extractors for the juicing. Juicing on an occasional basis can be met up when you choose to buy a food processor. Some food processes have the capabilities of using blades for juicing the vegetables or fruits that are fed to them.

Design and The Required Accessories

Food processor is all about multipurpose functionalities which are impossible with the proper accessories such as jars, blades, and kneaders, etc. one should confirm that every feature that is claimed by the manufacturers on the list is satisfying the products available in the package.

The good food processors now have unique blades, attachments, and discs. Before buying one,  you should go through these specifications. If you find that they are not included, you should purchase them additionally. No one will like the idea of buying a food processor that cannot perform the required jobs.

Power Consumption

Though this varies from product to product, considering the star rated processor with a good capacity motor is a smart choice.

Before buying a food processor, you must see that the machine is powerful enough for handling the jobs. It should have the power of kneading the dough, shredding the hard cheese or chopping the carrots. Otherwise, there might be a risk that the processor won't be chopping or combining uniformly. For a full-size processor, it's required to go with the one that has around 600 Watts power consumption capacity.

Safety Features and Quality

Every appliance that has motors and blades are meant to perform at a heavy duty cycle which needs the interlocking features, as well as the jars and blades, should be of high quality such as stainless steels.

These days, the food processors are dishwasher safe. They do not have sharp edges are hard to access cavities in which the food gets stuck. So, you must look for these specifications before buying one. Sometimes, the typically designed pieces require manual cleaning.


If you are going for an efficient product with incredible performance and tons of features then it is surely a clever idea to compare it with other competitors providing the same features at different prices. Make some compromises in the price if you like the features or go for mid-range prices as per your requirement.

It's always good to look at the brands before buying the processor. Secondary brands also sometimes offer processors with interesting features and accessories. But, the problem is that not all of them are so powerful. It's better to go with the popular brands because in them you will get all the required parts and machinery. But again, it comes to personal preferences and budget while buying the food processor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which food processor will be suitable for the Indian type of cooking?

What all processing outputs can be obtained with a food processor?

How to clean a food processor adequately?

Can we clean a food processor in a dishwasher?

Which appliance should I buy- a food processor or a mixer grinder?

After taking all these countable features into account, one should make sure of getting best deals on the preferred product as there are lots of companies trying to sustain the competition in the market and providing a comparatively lower price for the same features too. This would be highly beneficial for an average consumer when it comes to monthly budget management and annual savings.

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